salary negotiation

Salary negotiation- proven  way to negotiate salary you’re worth.


salary negotiation

salary negotiation occurs when an employee looking for a increase in
Salary or a job seeker engages an employer in bargaining over pay.
Sometime this can be nervous  whacking.

However, is better to get yourself acquitted with all necessary
Information’s about similar salary structure in your career and
Position that are in  the market place in order to get the best possible results before engaging in salary bargaining with an employer.

Research the market before negotiating salary.


Researching the market place before negotiating will enable you to know the salary ranges of some one of Your qualifications, job position and experience level as you, this Will help to determine the current pay rate and  the market value  of the Position which you are seeking.

Therefore, use the information gather  to   determine  your benchmark during a salary negotiation.



Present  your self good when negotiating salary.

If it’s your first job offer  interview with the organization be compose
And display enthusiasm for the job.

prove why you should be part  Of the organization during discussion, show that you are in high spirit
to join the team.

Try to avoid your self’s need and previous Pay topic as this might not work in your favour so that it cannot be
Used to determine your pay rate during salary negotiation.


Also more, it is advice not to first bring up salary issues before an employer during salary negotiation, if it’s your first time interview with employer, this may Make it appears you are only interested in the money, (even if that Is the case anyway).

Money discussion should come up when the job offer is on the table and just let employer pop the salary question, do not show over ambition about money During salary negotiation be profession and amicable in your negotiating tactics,You can sell your points by discussion your   expertise this will Also help to justify your worth to your future employer and hedge other candidate’s for the same position during salary Negotiation.


If you are given an offer that fall below your expected pay benchmark  during salary negotiation, you Can respectfully ask for a raise in the wage or ask when  there will be a Salary or performances review within which period, also check if there is other Fringe Benefits which may includes   health insurance, bonuses, paid leave, be Flexible, evaluate the situation, is necessary to take into Considerations other incentives that they offer this might make up for short fall in Your expected pay scale.

If you are already an employee, but looking for a salary increase, you can Make a request to the management for salary negotiation this could be based on the time you Have been in the organization and your contract terms with them, you can Discuss your achievement and contributions towards the progress of the Organization you can ask for a setting percentage increase during salary negotiation.



Be professional during salary bargaining.


Show   mutual understanding during salary negotiation, it should never look confrontational or arrogant, there is a need to be respectful, employer needs to see you as value addition to the company growth.

Do reach a compromise, since it is a negotiation it is expected that you might not exactly get the amount you ask for during salary negotiation, an employer may have their own range of payment within the company policies.

After the job and wage offer has been made, and if it’s suitable to you, be sure to get the offer in writing, this will legally bind the bargaining, it will be useful in case of refers as regard the salary negotiation

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salary negotiation mistakes




Salary negotiation-mistake to avoid


Negotiating a salary indeed could been stressful,but knowing the right tactics to apply is the best approach, it is necessary to avoid some certain mistakes in order not to under value your worth,because we all wants the right salary. don’t we ! an article by easwar analyze this in details its writes on mistake to avoid check it out below.


The top 10 salary negotiation mistakes

Avoiding the salary question landmines from employers is often a tricky part of every interview process. It is also an aspect that tends to give job seekers sleepless nights. But if you are aware of the mistakes that you are most likely to make, then you could always dodge the question effectively and turn the job in your favor. Here are top ten salary negotiations mistakes that job seekers generally tend to make.


Never settle for a salary which is not financially enough for you. This is where you fail to recognize your potential, thus accepting an offer which will add to your disadvantages.

It is never a good idea to divulge your salary expectations at the start of the interview. Review the job responsibilities, the working hours and other aspects. It is also wise if you can dodge the salary expectation question.

During salary negotiation, the spotlight should be on your values and not your needs. Ask yourself what value you hold to the company. You will get an answer soon.

Rejecting the offer soon – Never do the mistake of rejecting the job offer where you are offered a lower salary. This is where the entire act of negotiation comes into play. Ask for time and look at the pros and cons. If it is a prospective company loaded with incentives, then it would be foolish to reject the offer.

Handling the negotiations yourself – Never include anyone else in the negotiation process with your employer. Play it professionally and with politeness.

Inadequate research – There are a lot of websites today that offer advice on salary negotiation and the correct amount of pay for each position. Always do proper research prior to the interview.

Accepting the job quickly – Just like rejecting the offer soon, accepting the job without proper thinking could land you in serious troubles. Take your time and think it out.

Focus on the counteroffer – When you make the counteroffer in case of salary unhappiness, choose the battle areas wisely such as relocation expenses and incentive packages.

In writing – Always make sure that you ask for the complete job profile and the job offer in writing. This is to ensure that you are never cheated at any point of time.

Take the pleasure in waiting – Instead of pitching the salary right at the beginning, wait and then take the appropriate time to make the pitch. If you are the last candidate standing, then it couldn’t be a better time.


Bowing low to salary questions and negotiation warfare does not fit your profile. So stick to the above factors and ensure that you get what you deserve.






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