Alcoholism treatment herbs

In the days of our grandmothers illness tried to heal yourself — with the help of a conspiracy, herbs or folk remedies. In this area the excellent authority was considered either as a neighbor who knew “how it was treated Kum”, or, those who enjoyed great respect, — of a white witch. Their homes always smelled of grass. Folk healers know when and what herbs you need to collect to maximize the effect.

Despite the development of pharmacy and medicine, herbal medicine in high esteem to this day. It is relevant and relative to such ancient problems of mankind, as alcohol dependence. Only now for the first aid and in search of the recipes do not appeal to the neighbors. The Internet has become the repository of knowledge that not only explain what alcoholism is, and will tell you how to treat it.

Not all and not all councils are perceived as a panacea for every optimist is a skeptic. You can open any website and see the reviews. That’s what reviews are opened for the request:

Margo: grandpa long suffered, could not overcome alcoholism: what is only tried, nothing can deter. Maybe herbs to try?;

Julia.R: alcoholism – seriesname probably use herbs, as an incidental component of treatment;

Andrey: if the person himself does not want, no one will.

Let’s cross through the pragmatism Andrey and first listen to insecure thoughts Margo: can herbs to overcome alcoholism?

Herbs: treat or just encouraging?

Judging by the correspondence on the forum, there is no single answer. However, there is no consensus about the effectiveness of traditional techniques of treating alcoholism. So still we have to dig into the issues, help the grass or not: if there is an effect, you should find out what herb helps what the decoctions should be prepared to cure a person?

European wild ginger: blow the consequences

Current folk healers who treat with herbs, referred to as herbalists, herbalists. They know the secrets of many years for a variety of diseases, including alcoholism. Claim that alcohol addiction may retreat before the power of the herb or its infusion. Used a variety, including fresh, and dried twigs, flowers, roots and leaves. Alcoholism doesn’t withstand pressure on the taste buds and retreats: the person has an aversion to alcohol. It is used as teas and individual herbs:

St. John’s wort;

wormwood (bitter);

thyme (creeping thyme);

juniper berries;


the roots of degale and ungulates;




Thistle, etc.

There are herbs that equate to a potent poison, so their use is recommended only under the supervision of specialists.

Getting treatment, herbalists, instilling optimism, at the same time warn that herbal medicine requires the utmost caution:

the accuracy of the dosages;

overall health;

the age of the patient;

the ratio of alcoholic to their disease.

Making a herbal tea for the treatment of alcoholism, it is necessary to consider the time of the disease.

Before the treatment course should ascertain contraindications herbs used: she can carry together with positive and negative properties. For example, alcohol dependence is suppressed well by tinctures of plants, such as Lycopodium-Baranets or European wild ginger. By the way, they are more often used in the treatment without informing the patient: is added to the liquor. After treatment is received good reviews: sometimes the alcoholic one time is enough to reflect on their own health.

Overdose of herbal extracts dangerous toxins. A weakened body can not withstand the impact of the “European” or “partner” and respond to loss of consciousness, pressure drop, convulsions and even toxic hepatitis.

Unknown consequences in the treatment without the knowledge of

Alcohol dependence. Treatment without the knowledge of the patient. Compatible are these concepts? The issue is causing a lot of controversy.

Sometimes practice is: using folk remedies, pour in alcohol tinctures of herbs. They begin to “work” against alcohol in the body and starts vomiting, nausea, etc.

On the one hand, some people believe that an alcoholic, having been frightened of such a strange “horror stories”, abandon the glasses. So I think exhausted from the domestic quarrels of alcoholic family members, which, most likely, recommended that such “recipes” are all the same neighbor, i.e., not professionals.

Official medicine in due time they used a similar method of treatment of alcoholism. It was called a provocation. What we have abandoned in favor of methods of explanation, persuasion and suggestion. With all the danger and difficulty of treating alcoholism, it takes away from trouble — a possible tragic consequences.

The treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient proved to be effective in the use of various creations of nature:

a half — dozen three green bugs from the Bush raspberries throw in half a liter of vodka, insist a few days and “treat” lover’s “serpents”: the bugs win;

the unctuous portion of salt dissolved in one hundred grams of pharmaceutical alcohol, insist three days in a dark place. Tincture quietly added seven drops in food or drink with the alcoholic.

Alcohol poisoning: more drunk – it became easier

Sometimes confused with alcohol intoxication and alcohol poisoning. The latter may be at the bottom drinking the full bottle. For a tired man enough and smaller volume.

The first thing to do is to clean the stomach and to go to the doctors.

Very good honey. It should be drunk, dissolved in the water. The principle: the more drunk of the sweet – feel better faster.

Effective and herbs in alcohol poisoning. There are simple and effective recipes that help a person to return to a normal life. For example:

the first collection of: wormwood and thyme (common) in the ratio of 10g/40g pour a glass of water and boil for five minutes. After an hour strain and allow to drink a tablespoon 3 times/day after meals;

second collection: wormwood (bitter) and St. John’s wort in the ratio of 10g/40g. Tablespoon of the mixture pour boiling water (1 Cup). After an hour strain and give drink, as in the previous case.

Practices there are other effective prescriptions. For example, claim that there is a recipe that is effective even in cases where it does not help and coding. Take herbs:

creeping thyme, 4 tsp;

wormwood 1 tsp;

centaury, 1 tsp.

After that, the grass crushed, pour boiling water: 1 tbsp/1 Cup of boiling water. Insist 2 hours and filtered.

Give drink 1-2 tablespoons (tbsp.) of the tincture no more than 4 times/day for 0.5 hours before eating. The course of treatment is three months. But, claim that the maximum of a fortnight health is restored.

Judging by the reviews of former alcoholics, herbs are able to cure alcoholism. But, as noted at the beginning of Andrey, the person must want to be cured.

In this, perhaps, is the basis of success of treatment of alcoholism, and, in any way.

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