Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is focused on comprehensive cancer treatment, which consists of recovery of the organism as a whole, including the strengthening and healing not only the physical aspects of the human body, but also spiritual and mental. The important role of alternative medicine takes all kinds of the basic ways of treatment, which, along with traditional, also include methods of psychological treatment of eating disorders, all kinds of experimental programs.

Alternative medicine: cancer treatment methods

The hyperthermia centre Dr wolf in Hanover specializes in the use of the following alternative therapies:

2. Chemotherapy.

3. Galvanotherapy.

4. Dendritic cells.

5. The gene therapy method of Dr. Nipper.

6. Therapy biological reactions.

Alternative medicine: hyperthermia (fever therapy)

A method of alternative medicine called hyperthermia or fever therapy is based on overheating the tumor tissue outside, during which the fever has absolutely no negative impact on healthy tissue. The temperature exceeds 39.5°C, capable of damaging cancer cells, while preventing destroying or preventing the reproduction of the action.

Metaliterature this medicine is combined with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, while strengthening their action.

Active febrile therapy, provoking the raising of the temperature, changes the surface of tumor cells and gives a signal which induces the immune system to identify them and to send their forces to their destruction. In addition, alternative medicine practices the use of drugs that can cause changes in the information on the signal substances of tumor cells so that the immune system is able to detect and destroy.

Alternative medicine: chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be called a standard method of medical treatment, which is aimed at destroying cancer cells. The main disadvantage of traditional chemotherapy is the harmful effects of poisons on healthy cancer cells responsible for the General condition of the human body and regulating the work of important processes, such as, for example, development of cells of the immune system.

Modern alternative medicine in Germany in the treatment of neoplastic diseases enlists the aid of insulin potentiated chemotherapy (IPT-therapy), which is a chemotherapy, increased insulin and vitamin B17. This method of alternative medicine contributes to the penetration of drugs precisely to diseased cells. Due to the fact that the combination of insulin to reduce the concentration of chemotherapeutic substances, significantly reduced the risk of developing side effects.

Alternative medicine: galvanotherapy

Alternative medicine has been actively uses this method of cancer treatment as electrochemical tumor therapy. During such treatment the cancer cells not removed by invasive methods, and their destruction occurs under the action of the direct current, in other words, the tumor is sent to the current through the pair of electrodes, which acts only on cancerous cells. As a result of depolarization in them the formation of hydrochloric acid, which destroys the cell membrane, after which the current of high power creates beyond the limit of normal pH.

Alternative medicine: dendritic cells

Of great importance in alternative medicine is given to the fight against cancer by stimulating immunologicheskikh reaction. There is greater acceptance of this method of cancer treatment, as a vaccine dendritic cells, through which the patient’s immune system is able to recognize tumor cells as foreign and destroy them.

Dendritic cells after injection the patient was sent to the Central lymph nodes, where information is transmitted, in which activated lymphocytes. The main objective of this therapy is to slow the reproduction of cancer cells until a complete stop. Best vaccination immediately after removal of the tumor.

Alternative medicine: gene therapy according to the method of Nieper

The anti-cancer gene therapy as a method of alternative medicine was developed by Dr. Nieper, who came up with the idea about opening and using various non-toxic substances that have a heavy load on the immune system. They have been successfully applied preparations, and it was based on insects and plants.

Among the proposed Dr. Nipper eumetabolic means of cancer treatment include: enzymes, vitamins, acetaldehyde, minerals, squalene, benzaldehyde, antioxidants, germanium and cesium.

Alternative medicine: therapy biological reactions

After you use a method of alternative medicine chemotherapy remain in the body of free radicals that can later join the healthy cells, destroying them. As a result, there is a need for another anti-cancer method, which offers a modern alternative medicine therapy biological reactions, through which you can ensure complete elimination of toxins from the human body.

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