Alternative medicine

Medicine, which is more familiar to us from childhood, has long been behind in popularity to the alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is not traditional medicine. it is much broader, as it incorporates and something of a secret, unknown, inexplicable. There are many different methods of treatment. We will tell You about the most unusual:

Alternative medicine — therapies:

Homeo means similar, and, in turn, Pathy — disease. The method can be called fire fight. Isracas different substances that cause specific syndromes, injury one can heal another. She was born about homeopathy in the 1790s. Opened current homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann, not succeeding in traditional medicine. He assumed and was right that the introduced substances are not a sick person, can cause symptoms of ailments. And mixing them with herbs and gradually diminishing the content of these substances, he invented a great medicine against various diseases.

To increase the strength of drugs — it needed a good shake. The most effective, this method is not dangerous diseases, such as headache, food poisoning, flu, hemorrhoids. insomnia and other things.

When you use homeopathic remedies, avoid touching them with your hands, use a spoon.

Also, the doctors claim that prior to the adoption lekarstvennogo to clean the mouth and take about 15 minutes before eating.

Ayurveda diagnosis and treatment, which has great popularity in India for over two millennia ( ayus. means durability, a veda — knowledge). The idea that our body is a microcosm — is the basis of Ayurveda. Harmony between micro and macrocosm (here, environment) is the key to health.

According to the Ayurveda there are three principles of human physiology, the so-called three doshas. Complete cure with natural medicines and diet should balance the three doshas. From the theory of Ayurveda is that each person is part of the five elements — water, air, earth, fire and space (ether). In order to understand each element, practitioners of Ayurveda uses dosha — General category.

Healers there are 3 types of doshas — Kapha (phlegm), Pitta (bile), Vata (wind). Ayurveda fighting for a way of life. restoring harmony of body and soul. They also promote meditation, the search for higher reason. In fact, the goal of Ayurveda is prevention of diseases not only at the initial stage, but also on the preventive level.

Evidence suggests that the origin of Ayurveda dates back to the 6th century BC. The medicines of Ayurveda are there for more than a hundred diseases, however, be very careful before you use, because some contain dangerous substances such as mercury, lead and even arsenic. Diseases in the nervous system and metabolic disorders of physiological systems indications for use of methods of Ayurveda.

The purpose of herbal treatment and massage is the cleansing of body and mind. Some doctors of traditional medicine do not deny the fact that Ayurveda can alleviate suffering and even to cure the patient.

Light therapy

Light therapy is not required, probably, to explain, but that method is the treatment natural light (sunlight) or artificial. Everyone has long known about the benefits of sunbathing. Treatment bright light occurs by bringing artificial light to approximate resemblance to the natural, such as after sunrise and before sunset.

Study in the field of light led scientists to the fact that the person to be healthy, need their own daily dose of light. Even Hippocrates, in his time, prescribed dose of light, and practiced the treatment in homes that have no roofs. Another light therapy in the middle ages successfully cured smallpox. Jaundice in newborns, depression, rash, hypertension, and many diseases are indications for use of this treatment.

And possible prevention of these diseases. Restrictions on admission of natural light, as such, does not exist, but with artificial light you need to be careful. The use of artificial lamps treatment the light must be produced according to the instructions. There is another side to the coin. Scientists have found that sun exposure may develop cancer cells. Better consult with doctor before use this method if you are prone to eye diseases or to measles, chicken pox. For the disease related to mental disorders, use painted in different shades of light.


Aromatherapy — this method is widely known since ancient times — Avicenna Himself had promoted him. It consists in the use of essential oils with special aromas, as a cure for diseases such as insomnia, depression, conjunctivitis, laryngitis and others. Also, essential oils can be used as a means of burns. This is proved from France chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefoss, using the miraculous power of lavender oil on your own experience. He has made to everyday life aromatherapy as a method of treatment.

The sense of smell is a function of brain activity, therefore, a beneficial effect on it produces the best effect on the human nervous system. It would seem that everything is secure, however, we must not forget that almost every treatment has contraindications and side effects.So, some essential oils may contribute to allergic reactions, hepatic dysfunction and even miscarriage.


Therapy — even when the mother sings the baby a lullaby, it calms down and goes to sleep -this suggests that therapy really helps. There are two main methods of treatment sounds:

1. Treatment, directly, ordinary sounds such as the ringing of metal objects;

2. Treatment with music (can be divided into 2 methods), its implementation or the role of a listener.

Hard to believe, but therapy helps development of children with autism, and facilitates the symptoms of Alzheimer in adults.

Scientists confirm impact of sounds on the nervous system, smoothing and mental disorders.

The beginning of a sound can be considered as 1940s. However, in ancient cultures observed the aspects of sound, such as Tibetan singing cups-generating supposedly physical healing. To deny that the nervous system is connected with physical health is silly. Therefore, we can say that therapy, one of the most plausible methods of nonconventional medicine.

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