Alternative medicine – beware!

Headache? You need to put on the forehead of fresh cabbage leaf. Tortured pimples? They are treated in the breadcrumbs, mixed with honey. Dandruff? No need to buy shampoo, enough to lubricate the scalp of jet fuel!

You had to be treated by the methods of “alternative medicine”? Helped? Incidentally, one rarely causes mistrust recipe “from my grandmother’s trunk”: for some reason we never think to put such advice into question. But in some cases, this prescription may bring considerable harm instead of the expected benefit.

Let rosaneves and consider some of the most common myths about traditional medicine.

This is a terrible misconception amazingly quickly gained in popularity. Since 90-ies, thousands of people (and maybe more?) drink your own urine, wash it, wash out the nose… Naive and gullible, they believe that they are saved from all diseases.

In fact, a similar method of healing often leads to kidney failure. The fact that the urine, which is excreted out by the body that includes the dissolved unnecessary and even toxic substances so the body and disposes of her. In the urine of a healthy person contains ammonia, creatinine, uric acid, and bolnick this set is added, and acetone, all kinds of pathogenic bacteria.

In the best case, the consequence of such treatment will be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and irritation of the gastric mucosa. At the worst, serious injury to internal organs, blood poisoning, and in pregnant women can lead to death of the fetus.

The attachment of the urine compresses to wounds is also prohibited: untreated wound can become infected.

Bath – all diseases

Often you can hear postupivshaya or picked up the flu virus the person is advised to take a steam bath: “the best way – all as a hand lift!”

Actually, the bath can be used only by healthy people. Very useful to warm up in the sauna, if you have hypothermia talking, standing at the bus stop or getting home on foot.

If you have a sore throat, you feel chills and weakness, runny nose and cough – no baths! To warm up the respiratory tract to such an extent as to kill pathogenic microorganisms, it is still impossible. After bathing, you’ll get only the increasing temperature, and against high temperature but still in the wet heat of a steam room is your disease going to blossom.

By the way, if you have heart problems or pressure, don’t hoot with brave jump after a steam room into cold water! Even in young people this happens after a heart attack, and not necessarily immediately – the attack may overtake and a week after baths.

Smear the throat with kerosene!

Another tip alternative medicine – the barbaric Council. Still, many older people strongly suggest for sore throat rinse or smear the throat with kerosene. Just think: the fuel used for motors and other things, will cause severe damage, it will burn the mucous membranes, and can get into the esophagus, and then can not escape the serious problems. The most severe cases – burns to the trachea, damage of the respiratory center and even paralysis.

Many of my friends, trying to cleanse the body and acquire slim waist, allocate yourself one or two days a week for “therapeutic” starvation. Meanwhile, a complete rejection of food is very harmful, because you deprive the body of essential for healthy nutrients!

Starvation – a direct path to the disintegration of adipose and muscle tissue. It should be remembered that thus it is impossible to deduce from an organism toxins and slags, while the new continue to accumulate. The result is formation of so called ketone bodies – acetone kind.

Particularly harmful “dry” fasting. Even if you are sitting on a strict diet (which is unhealthy), you need every day to drink two liters of fluid. The fact that the body is metabolism, the result of this action is the accumulation of uric acid, – that you throw, taking plenty of fluids. Refusing water, you make the salt acid crystals settle in the joints and this will quickly lead to gout and arthritis, which cause attacks of excruciating pain even in young people.

Vegetable oil

For some reason many people believe that drinking on an empty stomach oil is an effective remedy for many diseases. What happens when in an empty stomach gets cooking oil? Better not to try, but trust me: after a short time you will feel a sharp pain in the abdomen, you will visit nausea and vomiting, will surely rise the temperature. And don’t listen to those who says that this is the way your body out toxins. Nonsense!

Any doctor will tell you what are symptoms of biliary colic, the next stage is cholecystitis.

In the gallbladder is almost all women, especially given birth, are stones. From time to time they may not bother you, and you are not even aware of their presence. Taking on an empty stomach the oil, you “pushed” from the bladder these stones, they stuck in the narrow bile duct and cause an attack of cholecystitis. The blockage and inflammation of the gallbladder leads to peritonitis. And now the life of the patient, who decided to “clean up” the oil, depends on time and it is time to get on the table of the surgeon.

Eastern medicine

Why our people sacredly believe in the power of “miracle” drugs – powders, pellets and additives, if their claim to the Eastern origin of wonder drugs?

Remember: never buy drugs questionable in places – in underground passages, in the spontaneous markets and in the stalls. For sale-proven medications, there are pharmacies.

And another tip: don’t believe that some medicine is able to cure diseases twenty at once. It’s simply impossible! Even ordinary bronchitis is not treated with one drug, but multiple, and write them up should a doctor. So don’t waste time trying to recover Eastern wonderful potions, and quickly go to a specialist if something’s bothering you.

Before deciding on self-medication or to use, recommended some “non-traditional” quack, consult your doctor! It can save not only health but also life.

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