Beauty recipes all on one line

At the weekend we all so want to give time for yourself. A little to treat myself. Because every woman always wants to look attractive. My article will be small. Don’t want to distract from everyday Affairs. But at the same time I really hope that all the tips, recipes beauty, you will be able to apply in practice.

You know, sometimes I look at women and think, “Here without major procedures not done”. And then it turns out that it is not so. And very often all are proven, simple recipes and look great. I too always try to use all the simple. Time no extra. And I want to keep the youth. So I share with you simple recipes.

So, the recipes of beauty in one line. And to apply was simple, and not write for so long. Then I smile…

If you have wrinkles, just lubricate the face honey.

Very useful before sleeping, apply around the eyes of ordinary castor oil.

Don’t forget your eyebrows and eyelashes. Use the same castor oil.

To cleanse the skin, use egg yolk and lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients and apply on the skin.

Cleanser use of milled cereal.

Don’t forget about frozen otvoritev. Morning procedure very pleasant.

If acne prone skin make a mask of grated Apple and honey.

One of the most unpleasant cosmetic defects of the facial skin — rosacea. You can, of course, to the salon to go to, but very effective and the treatment of rosacea folk remedies. Try this recipe: add to a cream with 2 drops of oil of your choice (peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, rosemary). All apply to clean skin, keep for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The best procedure to do in the morning and evening.

If you have dry skin make a mask of mayonnaise.

RUB on a small grater cucumber and apply the pulp on for 15 minutes. From age spots and irritated skin.

Pamper yourself with massage silver spoons. Immerse them in herbal teas and keep tapping massage lines.

Easy lifting for the face — turmeric with honey. 1:1. The course of 10 days.

5 — 10 leaves of Bay leaf boil 200 gr. water. Wipe the face and neck. The tone is beautiful.

Heat in a water bath of linseed oil. Gently with a cotton pad clean your face.

Boil the rose petals with hot water. Allow to stand for. Wipe the face.

To soften the skin, RUB olive oil.

RUB lemon juice into the nail plate. Juice lubricate hands and elbows.

Discard steel nail files.

Use the base for varnish.

Take baths with sea salt.

When allergies make lotion from the juice of Kalanchoe. Dilute with water 1:3.

Do hair masks. Yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil is fine to use for those who have thin hair.

For hair massage into the scalp burdock oil.

Very well strengthens hair burdock root .

It is also useful to RUB into the scalp tincture of nettle — 1 tablespoon per 200 ml. of hot water.

For silky hair — wash them in a decoction of calamus root, burdock and nettle. Take all in equal proportions.

For those who have oily hair, massage into scalp welding. Use the recipe every day or every other day.

Universal recipe for hair — colorless henna with warm kefir.

Do not dispose of coffee grounds. Pamper yourself with peels.

If you have dry skin — sea buckthorn wipe her juice.

Use seasonal berries for facial masks. Check only if you have allergies.

For reddish hair henna, add in 3 tbsp cocoa.

Massage into the scalp jojoba oil. A great remedy for those who lose hair.

Drink herbal teas. Very useful for health and beauty of skin.

Especially useful for face mint tea. Skin freshness is guaranteed.

Swelling under the eyes, use tea brew.

Also perfectly relieves swelling chamomile.

Swelling under the eyes make a poultice from 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese. Wrap it in a cloth and apply for 10 minutes for both eyes.

Eat more vegetables and fruits without heat treatment.

Drink freshly squeezed carrot juice. There is nothing that cleanses our skin.

Green tea is an excellent way for beauty from within.

Never go to bed without washing away makeup.

Don’t sleep on your stomach.

Do not drink a lot of fluid after 20 hours.

Be sure to rest. Healthy sleep — it’s perfect for beauty and youthful skin.

Be thankful and treat all positive.

Here are the beauty recipes I have for today. Of course, their great variety. I had a hard time and all so compact to write. I usually like to turn around. And everything in one or two lines. I would be glad if you add my recipes of beauty with their, trusted, simple recipes.

And now my spiritual gift. Eternal love in the great masters Mireille Mathieu and Charles Aznavour . This song is in the film “Tehran — 43”. I think it all looked. The song is so known. But every time listening to her, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Always listen with bated breath. Love. This is something for which we live. I wish you all such love for life.

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