Bioenergetics and healing

The energy field of a person.

Bioenergy is a very important life source of the person who possesses impressive powers of healing. Its status directly affects health, success in life, as well as on the amount of energy.

If bio-energy balance is changed, accordingly, so does human life, at all levels.

Many vital indicators tend to its reduction: the energy and vitality. In addition, there is a large number of ailments and diseases of all kinds, and in moral terms a person begins to feel depression and unexplained sadness. Thus, the circumstances disappointing, and the quality of life tends to zero.

Neurosis, various mental disorders, chronic irritation, lack of sleep are few, but the truly horrific consequences that can occur on the energy level.

But time has a disorder, so must be their treatment. Talk about bio-energy therapy .

Your doctor is a bio – energy therapist.

Bio-energy therapy involves the treatment of various diseases through the energy of the impact to field patterns and acupuncture points of a person. This method of treatment is much more comprehensive and effective than conventional acupuncture, the help in “pumping” of bioanalab is almost a magical way – through the gift of Masterbitingkarina . his knowledge and special power.

The science of bioenergy, as bilicenii, based on the research of many scientists. The main goal is treatment not just the symptoms but the root causes of the disease.

During treatment the doctor Energocapital have an influence on the channels Jingli, equalized the balance of Yin and Yang . the matrix is erased disease, there is a restoration of the affected internal organs, increases the immunity of the person. In principle, the traditional methods of treatment and cure with them is impossible without influence on the energy field of a person. This task will successfully complete the Master bio-energy therapist.

Bio-energy therapy is recommended for the treatment of diseases and for preventive effects on the human body. In the course of history and time, we have developed many different treatment methods, and their diversity complements each other and allows to treat most effectively.

Bio-energy therapy.

Bioenergy therapy is to say a science, which is often the achievement of some particular person.

In a narrow sense, bio-energy therapy is the achievement of one person that has collected in a single chain all the knowledge on the esoteric, achieving energy-informational technologies, as well as many healing practices that have reached us from depth of centuries. The method is based on knowledge and real results and not on words. After “treatment” the person is fully recovered and ready for action and a full, rich life.

It is important to note that bioenergy practices are completely safe and do not come into contradiction with any religion .

Energy is what drives all life on this earth, it is everywhere. Only thanks to the energy of this world exists and we live. Slim system of a person affects the state of the physical body . In this respect, the energy is always paramount, and the physical component is secondary, it is merely a reflection of energy. Everything that happens, all the processes that are carried out on a subtle level, are a projection of physical reality.

In recent decades the science of Bioenergetics has leaped forward. Such discoveries as: “the Thin world”, “Theory of physical vacuum”, the knowledge of torsion fields (twisted spaces), seven levels of reality of the universe, has opened up new opportunities in the world of Bioenergy.

Thus, old knowledge do not disappear, but rather, supplemented. Seemingly well-known things, but there is a lot unknown. Sometimes science tend to “rotate” the view, current in the past, in a completely different direction.

For example, thanks to scientific experiments, we can say that torianne field “carry the flow of information” and the information will be present at once in all points of space-time continuum.

Advances in the field of bioenergy therapy are explained by advances in many other Sciences such as Biophysics, biochemistry, and other neurofisiologia. A significant advantage of therapy is that the treatment can be performed by direct contact with a person and at a distance.

Bio-Energy Healing.

The person has their information space is the aura . In biofield recorded literally every second of life is from Genesis in the womb, birth, and so on until a later age. “Cyberpioneer” contains data about the relationships with others, health status, motives, etc.

The torsion field is bioinformatics space, the entrance to which is possible using the dowsing method. Information is read out via the device intuitive thinking.

The perception of information by using intuition, of activity and development of mind, as well as a wide range of knowledge bio-energeticamente.

That is, bioenergy healing can deal with a person who has attained a certain level of development, with unique knowledge in the field of esotericism, psychology, theory of physical vacuum, meditative techniques, and more.

Bioenergetic diagnostics of the organism reveals sore spots of the body: organs, tissues, cells, character, and the true causes of diseases. Further, the master healer can carry out correction of a biofield of the patient being treated, eliminating the disease. This can be performed in direct contact and remotely.

Hope you it was interesting to learn about what bioenergetically healing.

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