Cancer treatment without surgery and chemotherapy

Is it possible to cure cancer guanabanas . In this article we’ll tell that Soursop and products on the basis of her cure cancer. So, Soursop or there is another name for graviola is a tree, native of South America, but is found in the Northern. The fruits grow to 1-3 kg in weight. Inside the fruit contains a white pulp, it is very tasty and juicy.

In 1976, one pharmaceutical company has begun to research this fruit for the presence of anti-cancer action of simply. They found that the fruit can kill cancer cells 10,000 times more effective than adriamycin (a drug used in chemotherapy). The active minerals that are contained in guanabana, as well as the cannabinoids attack cancer cells, but do not affect healthy.Treatment Guanabanas and products on her osnovi guanabana were found two phytochemicals that destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy. The experiments were quite successful, but this company does not advertise on its results in the world. She, in contrast, had sent their employees on laboratory research, with the purpose of distinguishing these two phytochemicals, in order to create a patent medicine. In the end have been created by two Bud malaguenian. Oil Soursop, representing a greenish-brown liquid, has a sharp spicy scents of Bulgarian nature characteristic pungent, astringent taste.

The oils With high nutritional and biological value of the oil Soursop contains in its composition concentrate anticytokine, magnesium and vitamin C. Anticytokine is a catalyst for the reduction of cancer cells.

Please help. Was diagnosed. Priznati Central tabloncillo Sa node of the right lung with the development of hypoventilation of the lower lobe of the right lung, COPD grade 3, Diffuse pulmonary fibrosis. Hypertension 2 degree. Hard to breathe, shortness of breath, coughing.

Location: Russia, Pushkino Strategy for treatment of lung cancer and prediction of outcome of disease depend on the stage of disease and histological type of lung cancer (the structure and characteristics of cancer cells). For example, small cell lung cancer more sensitive to chemotherapy and to radiation therapy. And the hope of a cure from lung cancer is associated with surgical treatment. However, from 30 to 50% of patients at detection of lung cancer have a malignant tumor and spread, which don’t allow the surgeons to the oncologists to remove it.

Metastasis of lung cancer to the lymph nodes and distant organs prognostically extremely unfavorable. Life expectancy in these cases, without treatment about four months, and only 10% (one of ten patients) over one year. Using the most modern schemes of polychemotherapy (cisplatin and carboplatin) with Taxol sovokupnosti, Gemcitabinr, Etoposide, Vinblastin, etc. the duration of life is increased to 6-8 months, while 20-25% one patient out of four or five) over the years. However, use of chemotherapy there are side effects, which are often individual and lead to a serious deterioration of the patient’s condition. The main toxicity includes neutropenia (76%) (the patient becomes vulnerable to any infection), thrombocytopenia (42%) (in patients with lung cancer there are bleeding) and diarrhea (13%). Therefore, before prescribing treatment, the doctor needs to carefully evaluate the condition of the patient, to weigh all “for” and “against” before to assign the appropriate treatment of lung cancer. It should be noted that the treatment of lung cancer stage 4 (spread throughout the body tumors), particularly non-small cell lung cancer, should be regarded as palliative or symptomatic. The hope of the survival of such patients oncologists have been missing. Palliative care is medical care aimed at reducing suffering, prolonging and improving the quality of life of patients with lung cancer deemed incurable and affected by a malignant tumor. This forced an approach that recognizes the inability of the existing Arsenal of methods or medicines to defeat lung cancer. To palliative treatments of lung cancer include pain relief, oxygen therapy, detoxification, palliative surgery (the imposition of tracheostomy, gastrostomy, enterostomy, nephrostomy, etc.). Cancer when pneumonia treatment is anti-inflammatory, tumorous pleurisy — thoracostomy, pulmonary hemorrhage — hemostatic therapy. Common recommendations for the treatment of the patients with lung cancer stage 4 (degree), unfortunately, no.

News Agency Associated Press has published an important medical news. In the research of experts at Boston University (Boston University, USA), which was funded from the Federal budget of the United States, found that the majority of patients with lung cancer or bowel cancer in the last stage mistakenly believe that chemotherapy can cure and reverse the disease reversed. In the terminal stage of cancer and presence of distant metastases such treatment can, at best, only temporarily stop the progression of the disease and relieve symptoms, but not to save cancer patients.

Experts believe that the erroneous understanding of the situation occurs, first, because of the lack of trust of patients to doctors and nurses, but also due to the fact that many patients and their relatives refuse to accept the fact that their disease is incurable.

In applying the modified therapy on Gowalla most patients with projected lifetime (assuming an industry standard anti-tumor treatment) from a few weeks up to several months was able to significantly prolong life. Patients scored at least six months. Some of them are like therapy to two years or more. The most important aspect of alternative biological treatment was the fact that the quality of life of patients with incurable cancer was much better than in the case of the usual standard of palliative therapy for lung cancer chemotherapy and radiation. Moreover, in some cases there was a significant regression of the tumor, and patients returned to productive life.

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