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Dialysis technician salary- find out

all about dialysis technician career.

Many people wonder what dialysis technician salary is in different places   and what you must do to increase wages.

A dialysis technician is someone who operates a machine that removes waste products from the kidney and blood. A dialysis technician works in a hospital or health facility and helps the people with kidney problems. They work under supervision of a doctor and a nurse and help the patient whose kidney are not able to remove waste adequately.

 How to become dialysis technician

To become dialysis technician you need to learn everything about kidney mechanism and blood.

Working as a dialysis technician you need to maintain a high level of hygiene. To enjoy a full dialysis technician salary you need to have high school diploma and additional training in dialysis training program.

The dialysis technician program will cover different topics on human anatomy and specifically on the kidney and the blood in general. The course will have the following topics:

  • -Renal anatomy and physiology
  • -Patient treatment procedures
  • -pathology of renal failure
  • -chemistry of body fluids
  • -acute renal failure and dialysis
  • -health factors in dialysis
  • -medication problem and dialysis
  • -water in the human body
  • -Hemodialysis devices and many others

After finishing the training you will do an exam and a diploma will be issued. After this you can look for work in any hospital or health facility.

Dialysis technician salary will depend on the experience, location, facility and training. If you work in a large hospital and there is a high demand for dialysis technician you will get a better deal. Your location will also matter different state pay differently, if you live in the city you will get a higher salary compared to those who work in the rural area. Your work experience will greatly influence the Dialysis technician salary.



Those with over five years’ experience will get a higher salary compared to those fresh from college. Another determinant will be the demand on the market; there are times where there will be a high demand for dialysis technician.

Depending on the above factors the Dialysis technician salary will range from $20,000 to 35,000. But you can increase your salary by improving your skills and looking for a location which offers a better deal.

A normal dialysis technician will work an average of 40 hours per week but they must be available in the case of emergency. In order to work efficiently you need also to train in psychological and social aspect, because the job can get too emotional and you may be tempted to form attachment.

This training will teach you how to separate yourself emotionally from your patient and if you are able to do this you will work for long and enjoy Dialysis technician salary.


A work description of a dialysis technician is to take patient history, determine pulse rate and record blood pressure. This medical practitioner must be able to assemble and operate different dialysis equipment.

The Dialysis technician salary must be kept working at all time and have a qualified technician manning the equipment. Your Dialysis technician salary will also include benefits and other bonuses in some cases there may be  also  retirement programs.



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