Features of medical tourism in Germany

Today I would like to tell you about those features of the German healthcare, which often raise questions and surprise among foreign patients. Very often this is not due to the quality of medical services, but with the difference of the mentality in German and Russian-speaking patients. German physician, respectively, carries out his consultations and treatment based on the experience with the German patients.

Before coming to Germany many of our fellow citizens have persistent misconception that having sent all medical reports and images studies, they will be able to receive a detailed reply from the Professor about the treatment, and in case surgery and step-by-step story about the technique of surgery. None experienced – and not only German, but also Russian – the doctor must not tell the patient about the treatment, not looking at him. Image and avtoritety, folding over the years, can be in an instant destroyed the inadequate story about the treatment of excluding the data of objective examination of the patient, i.e. without his direct examination by a doctor. Some managers in companies for the provision of treatment, going with the persistent, patient, detail paint therapeutic methods by copying them from articles posted on popular medical sites. Subsequently, it often causes scandals when the proposal for treatment in a German clinic after the patient’s arrival in Germany is different than what was described previously.

The next question flowing from the previous one, is the cost of diagnostic tests or treatment, patients want to know in advance. It is understandable: not every person living on the territory of the former USSR, has the possibility of unlimited Bank credit. Besides, everyone wants to know the budget for the upcoming trip. Unfortunately, the complete calculation of expenses for medical services before your arrival in Germany you will not be able to obtain for the reason I explained earlier: the body of a single person individual, and accordingly, the cost of treatment too.

German clinic offer “Kostenvoranschlag” – a preliminary estimate of the upcoming costs. In addition, many patients come with the so-called “over-diagnosis” in his medical reports, when the disease is actually just not, or the severity of the pathological process earlier. With patients often removed diagnoses that are associated with severe cancer, resulting in the final amount of expenditures does not change in the direction of its increase and decrease. In such cases, the clinic at discharge in good faith return the money.

Another feature of the German experts is their briefness. It is connected with full confidence that the German patient is experiencing to your doctor. The German health care system for decades have proven to the citizens of its reliability and high quality. German doctor will not be for money or “to pull”, and the diagnosis and treatment of the patient are carried out in full regardless of the income level of the patient. Very well thought-out system of medical insurance covers the expenses of medical institutions. Medication in Germany can’t be fake or contain only half of the active substance. And, importantly, unlike the Russian doctors, German doctor does not assume the role of the therapist. Of course, he definitely will tell you briefly about the results of the research will show in the pictures or on the computer changes that have occurred in the body, prescribe treatment and briefly answer the patient’s questions. But long, an hour to discuss the feelings and emotions experienced by a patient regarding their disease or treatment, in the doctor’s office, which deals with the treatment of somatic diseases, is impossible. For this purpose there are services of psychological support in clinics, and different ways of alternative medicine that helps the patient get distracted and forget about their ailments.

And the last thing I would like to talk about is organizing your diagnosis and treatment. When the patient was first confronted with the problem of treatment abroad, he is lost and doesn’t know where to start. Besides, it scares the language barrier. And the Internet is replete with hundreds of websites of companies that promises a superior organization of treatment and, thus, without intermediaries, although they, in fact, are the true mediators. These companies are legal entities, formally registered and pay taxes, because differently in Germany just does not happen. However, to cover their advertising costs, office rent, salaries to employees and a more or less profits, they need to take on average 2-3 thousand Euro per patient coming for diagnostic studies in Germany. In the case of treatment of a patient the cost of maintenance may be much higher. This is due to the fact that most of the German clinics has categorically refused to include in their estimates of the monetary remuneration of these companies, and some clinics even want to make extra money by having the intermediary a percentage of the patient. Of course, if you are not limited to the costs, it is not your obstacle.

But there is another, more sad moment in this story with intermediaries: in most firms, unfortunately, there are no people who have a medical degree or even any relation to medicine, and in some cases even the General level of education raises big questions. Therefore, if you decide to contact the company, which is engaged in the maintenance service, please ask whether they have a medical professional, and talk to him. Incompetence in the field of medicine leads to the fact that you can send to the clinic, not suitable for the profile of your disease, and you may lose precious time and, of course, money.

You ask, how can that be if there is a desire to heal the “budget”, i.e. without significant overpayments. As in Russia, in Germany there are specialists with higher medical education, having a business registration without forming a legal entity. They are also involved in supporting international patients. They do not carry additional cash costs associated with its business, and therefore the prices for their services vary nicely. Their knowledge in the field of medicine will help you avoid misunderstandings in the German medical institutions.

Actually, carrying out diagnostics and treatment in Germany should not cause you any concern, as the life experience that you received at home will help you to avoid mistakes and in Germany. And modern German clinics with highly qualified medical staff and high-tech equipment, will give you an extra chance to recover.

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