Like all useful products garlic combines many unique properties and a number of contraindications. It is widely used in cooking, pharmacology, alternative medicine, cosmetology and even in magical rituals :).

Using plants can defeat colds and deadly disease. It effectively affects the human body in its raw form and composed of various tinctures, ointments and other medicinal natural products.

Garlic – benefits and harms, the unique properties of

Garlic – a special herbal plant from the onion family that is found throughout the planet. You can find the specific sharp odor and taste. Many thousands of years the plant is used for making miraculous medicines and elixirs of longevity and beauty.

During the outbreak all know that we need to actively use a root part, which can protect the body from harmful viruses and strengthen the immune system. Garlic is endowed with magic properties, it is believed that clove can protect against the influence of dark forces.

It is difficult to fully describe the enormous impact of the unique healing plant on the human body. Garlic is useful due to the presence of particular components in the composition, which is not often seen in other products, and even in such large numbers.

Blagodarstvuju property the actual garlic for the treatment and prevention of colds and viral infections. The volatile allicin in the composition to destroy harmful microorganisms.

The high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals boosts the immune system, improve heart function and prevent atherosclerosis. It is enough to use only one clove of garlic a day.

The plant is valued for its low calorie, only 4 calories in one head. In includes no fat, and carbohydrates. But contains large amounts of zinc, sodium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

The presence of sulfur, which gives such a peculiar smell, helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and prevent the onset of cancer, primarily cancer of the colon and stomach.

Normalizes blood pressure.

With the help of folk remedies with garlic you can stop the loss of hair, accelerate their growth and to eliminate dandruff.

Effective for various skin diseases. Taken externally in the form of natural masks and healing ointments, tinctures.

Garlic – a natural antibiotic that ignite the blood and provide antiseptic action.

Essential oils and vitamins of groups b, R, C and D, support the overall tone and strengthen the body.

Garlic drinks and other means help to lose weight and cope with obesity, as accelerate metabolic processes and reduce the appetite.

Improves the production of digestive enzymes and has a rejuvenating effect on the gastrointestinal system.

Prevents rotting and fermentation in the intestine.

Improves functioning of the circulatory system, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the blood vessels.

Excellent prevention from stroke and heart attack because it reduces the viscosity of blood and clumping of platelets. This feature prevents the formation of blood clots.

Protein composition stimulates the production of antibodies.

Due to antibacterial properties of garlic prevents the development of staphylococci, yeasts, bacteria and diphtheria Bacillus. Also eliminates dysentery.

Improves male potency.

The benefits and harms of garlic go together and it should be remembered that it is not necessary to absorb a natural antibiotic in large quantities. Present in the composition of toxic substance, its high concentration in the body has an adverse impact on the human condition. In addition, antiviral panacea causes acute unpleasant smell that is hard to get rid of. This applies to internal use and external – in the form of various ointments and infusions.

Don’t eat garlic if you have problems with stomach, liver and kidneys. Especially not recommended in chronic gastritis, haemorrhoids, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. People suffering from epilepsy should minimally add garlic to dishes, so as not to provoke attack. Large quantities of specific toxic elements of the plant corrode the walls of the stomach and complicate the digestive processes. Also irritating to the liver and kidneys.

During pregnancy and women who breastfeed should not get involved spicy dishes with garlic and drugs.

The use of garlic in cooking and folk medicine

For many centuries garlic is used in cooking, in the course are not only bulbs, but also leaves, buds, hands. Especially actively used the “king of spices” in the kitchen of Asian countries. It is eaten raw, canned, pickled, seasoned with pickles, add in meat, vegetable and fish dishes. Prepare soups, sauces and even flour and cereals. In dried form in various seasonings.

There are dozens of varieties of this plant. Specific sugary-sweet taste of black garlic that has such a noticeable smell and sharpness. His head fermented at high temperature.

In alternative medicine there are many miracle cures where one of the main components is the garlic.

To normalize blood pressure and reduce the amount of cholesterol will be helpful the next infusion, which is prepared in early summer. The 3-liter jar put 10 leaves of cherry and black currant, 3 horseradish leaves, 5 stalks of dill and 1 kilogram of peeled cloves of garlic. Add 50 grams of salt and pour the contents of the can warm boiled water. Put in a warm place for 4-5 days, after closing brine a piece of gauze. Taken daily at night for 10 milliliters.

With shortness of breath and angina need to make lemon-garlic infusion. Finely chop 5 heads of garlic in a food processor. To connect with fresh juice of 10 lemons and 1 liter of natural honey. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, place in a container which is well closed, and store in a cool dark place for one week. To take early in the day to 30 grams.

When you cough can help cure the following: finely chop 5 cloves of garlic and combine with 20 grams of honey. Pour warm water (50 ml) and stir to dissolve the honey. Take 1 teaspoon several times a day.

To strengthen the immune system and cleanse the blood vessels will be helpful cure with garlic, lemons and olive oil. 1 head of garlic finely chop in a food processor along with 1 lemon. Pour the slurry olive oil (500 ml) and put in a dark place for 10 days. To drink every morning a teaspoon on an empty stomach. Before use you should shake well the healing mixture.

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