Healing, quit Smoking

Once our ancestors – pagans (those that knew), worshipped the Great RA. About this you can read in encyclopedias on the history. We appeal to the ancient words, to emphasize that Smoking and the wisdom, the joy, the truth (Nature) is incompatible.

Everyone wants to be happy and rich, but Smoking, you can’t even be joyful.

Why? Answer for yourself: how forest and its residents during a fire? About also feels our body during Smoking. If you argue this way, I’ll ask the question: “do you Hear my heart, when it lets smoke? Do you hear your stomach, lungs, bronchi? Do you hear your Soul?” If you’re honest at least once for themselves, the cigarette falls out of your mouth.

Sometimes this ridiculous habit so vraschaetsya in life that people do not even imagine, do not imagine that can breathe, to be nastasemarian, to stop being afraid to Live!

The program “quit Smoking? Quit Smoking!” is unique because



you learn to live freely and to become, finally those who have long wanted to be like (them) what (they) were you(a): happy (first) and easy (for them). Finally begin to move forward in life, earn and spend more, to travel, to communicate, to realize the cherished dreams and goals!

Program common lifestyle, “Say “NO” to Smoking!” and ispolzuet individual approach, mindfulness, breathing techniques, teaches you how to manage the energy of stress.


Presenter: Polonovski Zoya Konstantinovna.

Practical psychologist, psychotherapist, certified lead technician transpersonal psychology including holotropic breathwork, member of the Russian Association of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, 14 years practicing yoga, musicologist, teacher.

Healing sessions

“The body is not possible to heal by itself, without addressing the process of healing the mind and spirit”.

1 . Reiki is universal life energy, brings together the body, mind and spirit, this life force energy. Humanity knows and uses Reiki for already 2500 years. The healer is a conductor of this energy, laying hands on the patient’s body. Reiki heals the whole person, all his four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Regular treatment of Reiki strengthens the body and soul and allows a person to feel physically and emotionally balanced. Therapy Reiki enhances any other treatment that operates regardless of whether one believes in it or not, elevates consciousness to a new higher level.

Reiki sessions are effective in the treatment of:

– headaches and migraines,

blocks in the circulatory and lymphatic systems,

– pain in back and joints,

issues and blocks in respiratory system,

– lack of confidence,

– mental depression,

– stress,

– problems with relationships,

– relationships,

business and career

– spiritual growth

– physical health,

– and others.

The cost of one session – 350 RUB.

Sessions are available by appointment.

Group sessions available.

3. The healing Cell Signature (ICS) is an ancient Lemurian healing methods, returned to us living in the twenty-first century, after the Millennium. The technique uses touch of the hands of the healer, which focuses energy on the “Signature” of the divine or the Cell located in the pineal gland, awakening her.

“Signature” means “the basis, the matrix of” correct condition of your body that you want to have.

Divine Signature Cell contains the memory of the perfection of the body at the cellular level. Working with Signature Cell allows you to return to optimum health and balance in all four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The cost of one session – 600 rubles.

Sessions are available by appointment.

4. Healing emotional injuries received in past lives, a method of working with personal Chronicles of akasha.

When working with akasha Chronicles you become those who allow their own healing. All of the traumas from past lives affect so strongly present that give us problems with finances, abundance, relationships, acceptance and confidence.

A recurring difficulty in our lives is not punishment, but merely the possibility of our Soul to point us to what needs healing, what needs to change. When we neutralize the energy of trauma in the past, is changing our lives in the present.

Work with Your Chronicles of akasha will help you to solve Your problems and issues Your children (under 14 years):

– health,

– with relationships,

– with acceptance of self,

– with abundance.

The cost of one session – 1500 rubles.

Sessions are available by appointment.

Healing sessions conducts Pronkina Ludmila, a certified master of Cosmoenergy, the master and teacher of Reiki, practitioner and teacher of healing techniques “Healing Signature Cage” (the LAWSUIT).


Find out who you are and your environment!

Numbers are around us everywhere, from birth dates to number plates of cars. But not everyone thinks that numbers can have not only quantitative value but to carry something bigger and important. This special value does the science called numerology.

The cost of 1 calculation description – 300 rubles.

Training: the Techniques of automatic writing

Automatic writing is a technique of self-discovery and finding answers to questions in which you write down on paper your thoughts directly via the subconscious mind, bypassing logical thinking and the inner critic.

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