Honey and traditional medicine

Honey. propolis, bee venom, pollen and bee bread are widely used folk med Irineu many Nations. Biologically active natural substances in the prevention and treatment of many diseases are quite effective, and most importantly — less toxic than a number of drugs, derived from the synthesis of chemical compounds.

Infusions, decoctions, juices of various plants and fruits effective in the treatment of various diseases: eczema, fungal skin lesions, boils, acne, seborrhea, hyperhidrosis, dandruff and alopecia, urticaria, acute infections, etc.

Although curative properties of honey known since ancient times, still to our days in its application, selection of doses and storage find new ways. Due to its complex composition, which includes most of the elements of the organic and inorganic world, are gradually exploring therapeutic action in mutual connection with certain branches of modern science — biology, chemistry, medicine, geography, botany, Geology, etc.

In resultatet studies recently raised the question of standardizing the quality of honey as a necessary condition the use of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Laboratory animal experiments and clinical practice have shown that different varieties of honey have different nutritional and medicinal qualities, and that all the more common varieties devoid of the latter.

In the majority of European countries adopted a common definition: “Honey is a sweet substance made by bees that collect nectar, honeydew and other sugar-containing juices that reside in living plant parts that enrich their substances within their own bodies, add up all the wax in the cells and help in their maturation.”

Traditional medicine has accumulated a lot of recipes medolechenie. The most effective of them:

Radish with honey in folk medicine used as cough medicine. With radishes, thoroughly washed with a brush, a knife, remove the top part, cut out a recess so as to include two tablespoons of liquid honey. Put radish in a vessel in a vertical position, covered with thick paper and infuse for three to four hours. Adults and children give cough a teaspoon of juice three to four times a day before meals. This tool is good to take and at bedtime.

In Greece, for improving hair growth, strengthening them apply onion juice with honey. For this to natertogo grated onion add honey (4 parts onion gruel take 1 part of honey). After rubbing the mixture is left for 30 minutes on the head, then wash off with warm water. If your hair is very dry, the paste of onion with honey add a small amount of olive oil and an hour before washing RUB the hair roots, this time wearing a rubber cap, then wash head as usual.

30% solution of honey in red beet juice, apply 5-6 drops a day into each nostril 4-5 times a day. The medium is effective in acute rhinitis, as well as with prolonged rhinitis. It is recommended to use this mixture when rhinitis in children, caused by adenoids.

These drops do not save the child from adenoids, but until the decision on the timing of surgical intervention they significantly improve nasal breathing, temporarily stop mucus from the nose.

In folk medicine, pumpkin seeds are used with honey. Honey is effective in spastic constipation. In such cases, traditional medicine also recommends that a mixture of honey and the pulp of the pumpkin — pumpkin porridge or boiled pumpkin with honey.

To enhance oboronitelniye function of the intestine traditional medicine offers this remedy: 400 g of dried apricots, 400 g stoned prunes and one pack of Senna mince. To this mass add 200 g natural bee honey and mix well (the honey must be liquid). Take 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach before meals or 1 hour after dinner with warm water. Before treatment you should consult with your doctor.

Aloe juice with honey a number of doctors over many years are used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the throat, fauces, larynx and trachea, diseases of the ears. It can also be used for prophylaxis of rentgenapparatov patients receiving radiation therapy.

Method of mixture preparation: cut the lower leaves of agave (often called aloe Vera) washed thoroughly with water and cut into small pieces in the form of plates 0.5 cm thick, then using a manual juicer (juicer is very comfortable with mesh for garlic) squeeze the juice. Honey diluted with the juice of the century plant at the rate of 1:5. Fresh mixture is taken orally on a teaspoon before meals 3 times a day for one to two months.

In vascular diseases of the lower extremities (endarteritis, varicose veins), coronary heart disease helpful honey with garlic: 250 g peeled or grated or mashed in a mortar garlic fill 350 g of liquid honey, mix thoroughly and insist for weeks in a dark place. Take a tablespoon 40 minutes before meals three times a day for one to two months.

For high blood pressure recommended vegetable juice with honey.

Beet juice, carrot juice, radish juice and natural honey mixed in equal amounts. Take a tablespoon before meals three times a day for two to three months. Store mixture in a cool dark place.

The juice of plantain with honey is recommended for diseases of the stomach. Moreover, it is shown only at low and normal secretion of gastric juice. 500 g of honey mixed with 500 g of plantain juice and cook on low heat for 10— 12 minutes. Chilled juice before eating take a tablespoon three times a day.

This mixture (just warm) can be used for the treatment of coughs, whooping cough, acute and chronic bronchitis as an expectorant and emollient.

When coughing to one teaspoon of honey add two tablespoons of anise seed and a pinch of salt. All this is poured a glass of water and bring to a boil, and then filtered and cooled. Take two tablespoons every two hours.

When treating young children, you can use a folk remedy of cough (especially good for whooping cough): mixed in a 1:1 ratio of honey and warm olive oil and give the child one teaspoon several times a day.

Honey has been used in all times and all peoples. So, in the Egyptian papyri, written more than 3 thousand years ago, you can read that honey was widely used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases (cataract, sore throat, gastritis).

About honey wrote Hippocrates, Dioskorid, Galen, Avicenna.

About the miraculous properties of honey, preserved in Chinese and Indian manuscripts can be read many sayings.

The ancient Indians valued the honey that he gives pleasure to the person, strengthens his health and keeps you young.

In Ancient Greece, honey was considered a valuable gift of nature, “the drink of youth.” A sacrifice to the gods, they offered the fruits, smeared with honey (it was thought that he gives the gods immortality).

The great ancient Greek scientists believed that they were able to reach old age due to the ingestion of honey. So, Pythagoras believed that he had reached old age due to vegetarian food and honey (he lived 90 years). A prominent ancient Greek thinker Democritus, who lived more than 100 years, also was of the opinion that honey promotes the preservation of health and longevity.

Brilliant ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who lived more than 2,500 years ago, loved and used the honey and have used it extensively in their practice. He lived 107 years.

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