How to treat a hernia

Hernia of the spine is a frequent phenomenon and unpleasant. This condition brings much suffering to man, especially during periods of exacerbation.

Modern medicine offers several methods of treatment of intervertebral hernias of the cervical, lumbar or thoracic spine.

How to treat — the choice of method depends on the size of the hernia, its location, symptoms and stage of the disease.

The treatment of this disease is a priority of neurosurgery in Germany, have made great strides also doctors in Israel.

How to treat a hernia of the spine

It is best to start treatment at the earliest stages. Especially effective is the treatment at the stage of protrusion, when the protrusion of intervertebral disc is still quite small, and appeared the first symptoms.

The sooner you start treatment, the better!

Diagnosis of this condition today is not a problem. Enough to do an MRI, and you can clearly see the condition of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

However, we often do not seek treatment at such an early stage. A hernia of the spine is a constantly progressing disease.

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Methods of treatment of intervertebral hernia

How to treat a hernia of the spine without surgery



Orthopedic corset,


Drug therapy,


Stretching the spine.

Conservative methods are used in the initial stages of the development of protrusions and hernias. As a rule, resort to such methods if there are gross violations of the tendon reflexes and the functions of organs. Treatment may include several methods, which are selected individually.

Surgical treatment

A discectomy . Grigia removed part of the disc, thereby reducing pressure on the nerves and decrease the irritation and inflammation.

The fusion — splicing operation on the adjacent vertebrae after removing the damaged disk. This operation completely eliminates hernia of the spine and its symptoms, however, makes the spine less agile.

Decompression of the spinal canal and implantation of the implant.

Implantation of artificial discs . Disc, the herniated is removed and it is replaced with artificial.

Nucleoplasty — a surgical procedure in which the inner part of the disc is destroyed and the hernia is pulled back, recover the normal form of a disc. When performing the nucleoplasty for insertion into a vertebral disc can be used substances that restore the elasticity of the damaged disk.

Laminectomy — surgery to remove part of the bone tissue for expanding the spinal canal.

Radiofrequency ablation is a modern technique, in which via introduced to the affected disc special needle is supplied to radio frequency radiation. It destroys the nerve endings, generating pain impulses.

How to perform the operation for hernia of the spine may be different. In some cases, an open surgery, but today the preference is given to less invasive techniques, when all procedures were performed endoscopically, i.e., through a small puncture with visualization on the monitor.

The destruction of the discs or the destruction of part of the spinal disc may be performed in different ways. For this purpose, cryosurgery, laser technology.

If you choose to be treated at the resort

When choosing a resort, you need to consult with your doctor because it is necessary to consider not only the indications, and contraindications. For example, in the presence of hernia of the lumbar spine in women suffering from gynecological disease, it most likely is contraindicated to take mud treatments. That is to go to a Spa, where mud is the main specialization, is hardly worth it.

How to treat a hernia of the lumbar spine

Hernia lumbar — the most common problem. For the treatment of this spine match all of the above methods. In the absence of disorders of the pelvic organs treatment usually starts with conservative methods.

Good results are obtained by stretching the spine. For this purpose, a special apparatus operating under control of computer programs. Gradually in the process of stretching increases the intervertebral space, reducing pressure on the intervertebral discs. This improves their elasticity and the retraction of the hernia. Of course, treatment in this way is possible only with certain sizes of hernias.

How to cure hernia of the lumbar spine, if accompanied by loss of bladder, bowel, severe pain in your lower back? All of this, especially the pain radiating in her leg or is accompanied by numbness, usually indicate the need for surgical treatment.

Access to the damaged disc during the operation is carried out either through the abdomen or through the lumbar region of the back. A small amount of interference allows you to do surgery under local anesthesia.

Treatment of herniated cervical spine

Ways and methods of treatment of hernia of the cervical spine does not differ from methods in the treatment of other departments. However, in this case there are some difficulties:

The cervical spine is less: it is short, thinner vertebrae, the spinal canal already,

Through the vertebrae and very close to the spine are many nerves and blood vessels.

In the treatment of herniated discs of the cervical spine is a preference for conservative methods. The mobility of this Department allows the use of complexes of medical gymnastics, medical treatment with drugs that improve food drives.

Surgery for herniation of the cervical spine are carried out only in extreme cases, if another way to resolve the issue fails. When choosing a clinic to perform such an operation should stay in specialized institutions where doctors have greater experience in conducting such surgeries.

Successfully conduct operations on the cervical spine in German hospitals. How to treat a hernia of the spine in Germany? Medical facilities in Germany are equipped with special high-precision equipment for operations. This allows you to perform the intervention without the risk of damage to vessels and nerves.

Laser treatment

Laser technologies are increasingly used in medicine, including in the intervertebral hernias. Laser vaporization is carried out hernia, which leads to restoration of normal form damaged disk. This method allows to carry out quick, after her hospitalization is not required.

How to treat a hernia of the thoracic spine

The hernia in the thoracic region is rarer than cervical or lumbar. This spine is less mobile, and therefore more stable and herniation in this Department rarely carries dangerous consequences.

Treatment of intervertebral hernias of this localization is in most cases the use of methods of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. Such complexes offer all clinics specializing in resolving back problems.

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