How to treat allergies to ragweed

An Allergy is overreaction of the human immune system to harmless substances. The symptoms of an allergic reaction may be localized in completely different parts of the body and persist from several minutes to several days, and with different severity. A negative reaction may occur on these types of allergens like animal hair or on the animals themselves, and, more specifically, on proteins that they emit into the air in the course of their life, on food, dust, drugs.

Depending on the type of allergen, the Allergy may be respiratory. food, skin and so on. According to the statistics, most common allergies to ragweed, with every year becomes more and more people who feel uncomfortable and do not feel in the period of active flowering plants.

From all types of allergies intolerance the body ambrosia occurs more often, and not only because of individual characteristics of the organism, but also the fact that it grows everywhere. To eradicate the plant is almost impossible, since it requires a lot of physical force and monetary resources. A natural question arises in people who call themselves allergies how to treat allergies to ragweed and other allergens. Because allergic reactions to this plant are the most frequent, let’s take an example of an ambrosia consider options for the treatment of pathological diseases. But before proceeding to the treatment of disease, it is necessary to consider in detail which symptoms may be observed in the patient.

Symptomatic manifestations of allergic reactions

Symptoms of intolerance of the plant is very similar to an allergic reaction caused by pollen from grasses or trees. Symptoms of allergies to ragweed occur upon contact of the pollen of a plant with human skin or when injected in the body. When alien allergens are already inside the body, the human immune system trying to defend itself and begins to produce special chemical substances. The most common symptoms that characterize allergies to ragweed:

nasal congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing;

eye redness, itching, watery eyes;

scratchy and sore throat. cough, when listening possible wheezing;

some patients complain of post-nasal syndrome, that is, when the mucous discharge from the nose flow into the throat;

the reddening of individual sections of the skin, itching and peeling skin.

In addition, Allergy to the plant can also affect the body in other ways. For example, patients may see symptoms such as depression, poor sleep, irritability, loss of taste and smell, headache, stuffy ears or swelling of the lips. Naturally, all these symptoms require appropriate treatment, but only after consulting a doctor-an allergist who, after her examination and studying the symptoms of the disease, will be able to prescribe appropriate therapy.

How to deal with the intolerance of the body ambrosia

Allergists claim that the most effective option for the treatment of pathological diseases is the elimination of the allergen. But due to the fact that in our country this plant is actively growing, it is very difficult. Doctors offer the active flowering period, which falls on August — September to plan a vacation and go to avoid the sharply expressed symptoms of allergic reactions.

To treat allergic process independently, it is possible not only to achieve a positive effect, but also to aggravate an already difficult situation. Treatment should be administered only by an experienced specialist who will choose the right option and adequate dosage for your particular case. Because the dosage must be appropriate, if you without consulting a specialist will calculate a dose, and it is insufficient for you, then the medicine simply will not have the desired effect. Well, if you take in excess of the drug, you can harm your body. Therefore, the Allergy treatment should appoint only the doctor.

Most often patients suffering from Allergy, antihistamine prescribed drugs. The most common are:




Aleron and others.

It is worth considering that taking antihistamine medicines have to be systematic. In addition, if the patient is concerned about such signs of allergic reactions like itchy eyes, redness or tearing, the doctor may recommend eye drops, such as Optivar, Patanol, Zaditor. If you experience symptoms of ENT system in the form of nasal congestion, runny nose and swelling, then the specialist will prescribe steroid medications for the nose, which will help reduce the puffiness and feel more comfortable.

Wondering how to treat allergies, in addition to medical treatment, you can help yourself by following these simple recommendations:

try in the summer, and especially during the period of active flowering of ragweed, to keep the Windows in the house or in the car closed. If the plant pollen will get into the room, it will only aggravate an already unpleasant condition, so try in the summer to use the air conditioner, it will not only make cool air, but also filter out the pollen;

if you have a special relation to the air conditioner, and you try not to use it, today there are special mesh pollen, which protect the room from getting her inside;

if you have Pets at home, who are allowed to walk on the street, then try, as often as possible to bathe the Pets in the summer time, as coming from the street, they can bring their wool to the pollen of ragweed;

to treat allergies to ragweed should and personal hygiene, every night before bed, take a shower, preferably with shampooing. It is very important that the pollen has not got to bed.

Injections to combat the allergic reaction

To date, the treatment of pathological diseases includes not only the unpleasant symptoms of allergies, but also the body’s ability in the future to respond to this type of allergen. This treatment is carried out with the help of special injections, this method is called specific immunotherapy (SIT). This method consists in the following – the patient according to a certain scheme administered allergen in small amounts. Over time, this leads to the fact that the body simply stops responding to it and the man relieves himself from unpleasant Allergy symptoms in the future. Treatment usually lasts about five years, then comes a five-year break, after which again repeat the course of injections.

Some people are wary of this option of treatment, in particular, many feel intimidated by the fact that this hormonal therapy. But it is worth noting that about 90% of people who underwent specific immunotherapy, observed significant improvement. Their body stopped reacting to ragweed, and in the summer they began to feel great.

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