Mask for smooth hair

In order to straighten hair, women resort to the original methods and the most popular use of masks for smooth hair . Such masks are difficult to straighten hair but also make it more silky and manageable and they can easily fit in almost any style. Interestingly, make your hair smooth dream of not only those women who are by nature rebellious and stubborn curls, but those curls just slightly curly.

It usually starts from the middle of the hair and on the tips of stubborn curls going into strange shapes. This is especially evident in the strands of medium length and short curls . so if you want in whatever was to make the strands more direct, need to use special masks and styling products as we said in the article “Spectacular styling diffuser straight hair “.

Very effective and salon treatments, for example, lamination of hair, which can be done at home using the simplest means available in every household, as it is written in the article “hair Care after laminating and features of the procedure.” You can also by simple procedures while cleansing and moisturizing to smoothen the surface of the hair to make them look more manicured and beautiful.

Burdock oil in masks

For those who dream of straight and soft curls, we can recommend a mask for the hair smooth on the basis of burdock oil. This unikalnych able to smooth the hair texture and make it visually brilliant.

Mask based on honey and burdock oil

To create this mask you need to take three tablespoons of burdock oil, two tablespoons of lemon juice and honey and one egg yolk. All the components necessary to intensively mix and apply on full length of hair. This mixture is well restores dry and brittle strands. strengthens the roots and closes the hair scales. It is best to use the mask for 25 minutes and then quickly wash my hair without shampoo (“Egg yolk for hair strengthening and growth “).

Mask on the basis of three oils

Burdock oil works well in combination with the other two unique compounds. To prepare the mask is necessary not only burdock oil, but coconut oil and almonds. All of these components need to take in equal parts and apply to hair, focusing on ends. Will enough 25 minutes to make strands smooth, silky and voluminous. Remove the mask in the usual way, if necessary using the shampoo. Such masks can be found in the article “laminar Mask for all hair types “.

A mask with gelatin

Probably the fastest way to make the hair more smooth it from time to time to make gelatin mask. They give such a lasting effect as the procedure of lamination, but nevertheless help to improve the condition of hair.

Mask with gelatin for all hair types

Masks that contain gelatin are great for regular use, for example, 3 to 4 times a week. For the preparation of the simplest masks you need to take one large teaspoon of bulk gelatin and three tablespoons of boiled water or decoction of chamomile, and hair conditioner. The decoction of herbs or flowers greatly enhances the smoothing effect, so chamomile, nettle, birch leaves are excellent as a basis for the mask.

To start the gelatin is dissolved in water or broth and then mixed with a balm or conditioner for hair. The mask is applied to clean hair and keep it for about 50 minutes. After that, the mixture can be washed off without using shampoo. The advantages of such a gelatinous mask are the increased volume and density of the strands, which is very much weak and strands of liquid (“a liquid hair Care – homemade recipes “).

Homemade lamination is a great way to make the curls stronger and more dense. Not to mention the fact that gelatin is a very affordable product that can be used as needed. That’s why the mask for smooth hair are so popular and are used as part of caring for any type of curls.

Mask with cognac and fruit acids

For a beautiful and straight locks can be useful for masks, which are composed of cognac. It should be noted that this noble beverage should be present and well-seasoned, and for the mask need only 50 grams. Despite that brandy makes hair smooth and flowing, it still is more suitable for dark-haired beauties. Thanks to its components it gives a beautiful rich shade of black hair (“Care dark hair – simple secrets “).

Brandy mask

For the preparation of such a mask will need to take 5 tablespoons of brandy and a whole egg. Pre-beat egg and pour brandy. Mix well and apply on dried hair for 25 minutes. After that the mask can be removed, preferably without the use of shampoo. So, the longer it will remain beautiful shade, and the curls will be smooth and incredibly soft to the touch.

Fruit mask for smooth hair

Due to the special substances that are found in fruits, masks help to make your hair more voluminous. As the most popular fruit components isolated bananas . For preparation of masks use ripe bananas, one fruit and one egg yolk. All is well is ground up into a homogeneous mass and applied strand by strand along the whole length. The composition should be kept on the hair from a quarter of an hour to 25 minutes. Wash off this mixture with warm water, optionally using shampoo. With regular use, hair will always be silky smooth and wonderful fragrance of ripe fruit will accompany the whole day.

As also used other fruits of citrus, apples and avocado. These ingredients great nourishing masks help to restore hair from damage, heal dry ends and generally give the strands well-groomed appearance. That is why fruits are often used in hair care, especially to make them smooth.

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