Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam

You have the opportunity to swim in the azure sea, take a NAP in the shade of palm trees, jet skis and offers exciting diving!

Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of impressions: mysterious places, exotic nature, unique architectural complexes, ancient cultural and religious monuments, mouthwatering Oriental flavor and slowly over time, primitive tribes, spectacular festivals, most delicious exotic national dishes, the best white sandy beaches of the South China sea, pristine turquoise water. The Vietnam climate is warm and tropical. Here you can swim and sunbathe all year round. In recent years, Vietnam is rapidly gaining momentum of economic development, one of priority directions of which is the tourist business.

The country’s potential is huge few of the currently existing tourist destinations can boast such a complex of recreational resources.

Vietnam attracts harmonious combination of different cultures and diversity of natural resources: white sand beaches, mighty cliffs, tropical forests and mountain valleys, sand dunes and wild jungle, unusual plants and colorful birds and, of course, the warm South China sea with izumrudnie water.

According to ancient legend, the Vietnamese were born a Dragon and a Fairy. And in the modern world is one of the favorite places of rest of the Europeans.

On the territory of Vietnam are the best beaches of the South China sea, has long been attracting Europeans who know what a good rest. The classic combination of bright sun, warm, velvety white sand and blue sea make these places ideal to cast all everyday problems and dive into the world of coastal tales. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite pastime – rich underwater world of the warm sea in combination with relatively low prices for equipment and related services make the waters of the South China sea is very tempting to dive. Many of the hotels on the coast have their own massage rooms and SPA – complexes, in the Arsenal which has a unique healing clay that can rejuvenate the body and restore health, undermined by the stresses of modern civilization. Supporters of non-traditional forms of treatment will discover improved for thousands of years the art vietsky healers. Tinctures made from snakes, marine life, birds ‘ nests and rare herbs, can work wonders. You can also use other treatments, such as acupuncture and moxibustion.

In Vietnam you can go not only for the sea and sun, but also for health. Famous natural sources of Binchou with warm mineral water (+40°C) open to tourists at any time of the year. Almost every beachfront hotel has a spa complex with Oriental massage and healing clay.

Aesthetes will discover mountain resorts, for example, da lat . built by French colonialists as a city-health resort for the local nobility: mountain air, pine forests and cool mountain waters is able to get rid of spleen and to heal any ailments.

And, of course, a separate line is to make information about the service. To say that he’s European class, is to tell only half the truth: higher technical equipment of hotels and the competent organisation of work of the staff are complemented by a true Oriental respect for the guest – You will see the strained smiles and formal relations: you can be sure welcome here.

Also, it should be noted that Vietnam is one of the safest countries. Unlike some other Asian countries there is no religious fundamentalism. The country does not participate in counterterrorism operations, so that the risk of terrorist acts is minimal.

And besides, the people here have kept very warm towards the residents of the former USSR since the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship and affectionately called them “Lina” (which means “Soviet Union”).


Vietnam is a country where people appreciate their cultural and historical heritage. Each area of Vietnam has its own attractions.

In the Northern part of the country is a large number of lakes, fountains, parks, churches, mansions. Among the temples you can highlight the Temple of the white horse (Bach MA), the Ho-tai, Hoan Kiem lake, the pagoda, NGO-Sung, Kwang-su, the tomb of Kinh-Thien, and a number of towers and other monuments. Being in Vietnam on holiday in the North area, you should visit the city puppet theatre on Hoan Kiem lake, and Park Thong-Nhat.

In the Central region of Vietnam you can see the famous Imperial palaces, pagoda, Cathedral, tower, and a Museum that tells about the life of the Vietnamese emperors. In the Central part of the country is the famous resort of Dalat. He has extensive forests, numerous rivers and lakes. Here is the art gallery, Cathedral, monasteries, pagoda and there are spectacular mountain landscapes.

Holidays in Vietnam in the southern region will provide an opportunity to see the Palace of independence, seven-tier pagoda, Vinh-Nghiem, Emperor jade pagoda and many other pagodas, palaces and cathedrals. There is also a water Park, a zoo and Botanical garden.

The southern part of the country has unique tunnels. While on vacation in Vietnam . definitely worth a visit is the pride of the Vietnamese people – a temple of the Caodai and the former Royal residence of Bach Dinh.

The staff of our travel company will help You to find the most suitable tour based on Your budget. Going to Vietnam on vacation, You will receive lots of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions.

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