Physiotherapy is the branch of medicine that studies the effect on the human body natural or artificially produced physical factors.

This highly advanced area of science and practice . which is constantly being improved. Being the most adequate for the body stimuli in the external environment, physical factors have a stabilizing effect on various organs and systems . enhance the body’s resistance to adverse influences, it enhances the defense mechanisms, enhance the effectiveness of other therapies and reduce the side effects of drugs.

Of course, all this must be applied properly and efficiently. Today in the treatment of patients use many medications in various combinations. Physiotherapy is one of the ways in which medication can be delivered to the specific diseased area . without affecting other healthy organs, when it is possible to avoid the use of medication . This is especially true for people with allergies. The possibilities of physiotherapy is very large. It is difficult to name a branch of medicine in which physiotherapy techniques could not be applied for the benefit of the patient. They are universal, physiologic, does not have toxicity, do not cause side effects and sensitization of the organism, is well compatible with other therapeutic agents and have a long delay, in some cases up to 4-6 months.All this makes physiotherapy a decent, affordable and popular form of treatment.

At the physiotherapy Department of the Medical Center provided specialized assistance with therapeutic, neurological, surgical and other diseases, using the most modern methods of physiotherapy treatment.

Our Department provides the following physiotherapeutic services:

1. Hydrotherapy

Underwater shower – massage . Used for therapeutic and prophylactic purpose. The benefits of underwater massage before hand that in warm water with various additives useful salts is achieved by the relaxation needed for the massage, especially in cases where manual massage is difficult because of chronic contractures that occur with long-term pain ( degenerative disc disease, trauma, posttromboticeski syndrome) . Preventive methods and treatments (course of 10-20 procedures, 2 times per year, and more often!) help prevent and degenerative disc disease, and excess weight, and syndrome of “chronic” fatigue !

“Dry” carbon dioxide bath . The positive effect due to the ability of carbon dioxide to increase the utilization of oxygen in the body and thereby increase metabolism ,but it is also a requirement to improve the quality of life! Therefore, in the complex treatment and prevention of diseases of cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, gynecology and others .- be sure to include this procedure.

2. Vibrotherapy is the therapeutic effect of mechanical vibrations.

Used in rehabilitation period after injuries, contractures, neuro dystonia, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders, obesity etc.

3. Shock wave therapy

To date, shock wave therapy is not only effective method of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system . but qualitative treatment is used in other medical fields, e.g., cosmetology (to combat excess weight and cellulite) .

The essence of the method is that for a certain part of the body are routed adjustable shockwaves that affect pathological tissue sections.

The device generates a shock wave that propagates into the patient’s body to a depth of 35 mm. On the same principle act and devices for lithotripsy (crushing of kidney stones), have proven effective.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and usually it is well tolerated by patients. In the course of treatment of 3-5 visits is sufficient.

Shock wave therapy has a wide range of indications:

deforming arthritis

“heel spurs”

humeroscapular periartroz





sports injuries


Contraindications for shock wave therapy are:


the patient has a pacemaker

the patient is taking anticoagulants

acute infection

Shock wave therapy gives a rapid positive effect that is felt after the first treatment and in some cases to avoid further surgery.

4. Physiotherapy combine INTELLECT.

Intelligent physiotherapy system is a major technological breakthrough in the field of electrotherapy, ultrasound and combination therapy.

This system allows the use in therapy of the following methods of exposure:

More than 25 forms currents (interferential, pulsed galvanic, microcurrent, etc.);

2 independent electrotherapy channels;


More than 200 preset therapeutic programs;

Ultrasound therapy 1-3 MHz in continuous wave and pulsed modes;

The combination therapy (electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy);

The possibility of work from batteries (optional);

Vacuum therapy module (optional);

Laser module (optional).

The versatility of the apparatus and the variety of methods of influence allows to use the apparatus in various fields of medicine:

Orthopaedics, traumatology, surgery;

Sports medicine;


Dermatology and aesthetic medicine;

Indications for use in orthopedic rehabilitation:

Recovery after traumas, fractures, sprains;

The use in the postoperative period (in the early stages);

Treatment of chronic pain syndrome;

Treatment of dorsopathies and chronic diseases of the joints.

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