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Radiography is the medical practice of examining patients using X-Rays, ultra sound, and many other advanced technologies. The reason behind this imaging is to establish internal complications and illnesses in order to diagnose with the proper treatment. Those who want to pursue radiography as a career should know everything about it and they should also be comfortable with the radiography salary .The field of radiography is wide and diverse and thus the radiography salary differs depending on different factors.


What does a radiographer do?



Before going to the radiography salary we need to dig deep and find out what does the job of a radiographer entail. The work is diversified and thus it is categorized into two categories, diagnostic radiographer and therapeutic radiographer. Diagnostic radiographer: is the one responsible of taking images of the injured parts and come up with the correct diagnostic that will help in treatment. They use a number of highly advanced technologies that need skills and expertise. Some of these machines include: X-Rays, angiography, MRI, computer tomography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine and many others. To boost your radiography salary then it’s important you know how to use the above equipments.

Therapeutic radiographer: is mostly trained to offer radiotherapy to cancer patients and it is used with chemotherapy or surgery. To make a good therapeutic radiographer then you need to be trained in the followings areas, simulation, mould room, computer planning, external beam treatment, brachytherapy among other things. If you can be able to learn and successful practice the above then your radiography salary will be higher compared to someone who can only do one of the above.


Factors that influence radiography salary


Radiographers will earn different salaries depending on the following factors:

• Level of experience: if you are a fresh radiographer straight from the medical school then you salary might range from $40,000- $50,000 per year. If you have more experience your radiography income  will increase and range from $200,000-$ 300,000 per year


• Level of education: the only way to make sure you make a lot of money as a radiographer is by attaining the highest level of education. Other ways of increasing you marketability is adding more additional knowledge apart from X-Rays only. You can learn MRI and certifications. This will make your radiography salary much bigger.


•Geographical location: the area we live in are not the same, some area have a high cost of living while others have a low cost of living. If you a radiographer living in area with a high cost of living then expect you radiography salary to be higher.


Those are some of the things you need to become a good radiographer but if you want to rise in the ranks and make your radiography salary much better then you need to develop good interpersonal skills and have a strong passion and determination for the job. You need to be refreshing your skills and learning a few more tricks as you go on. You also need to be good in science and have a caring attitude.







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