Recipes herbs for cleansing the body

Today there are many methods of body purification. Some are effective, others are not, there are complex methods that to do not everyone can, there is a softer, but more prolonged in time.

I, as always, against extreme ways to “rape” his own body, and in the case of cleansing the body want to share with you information about what are herbs for bowel cleansing, even give you a few recipes that will help with the comfort (in most cases))) to cleanse the intestines and start the process of losing weight for those who are interested.

Herbs for bowel cleansing

Gently and without side effects help to cleanse the bowel the psyllium seed and flax, Senna (Cassia), buckthorn, horsetail, fennel seeds, sage, mugwort, calendula, yarrow, nettle, birch leaves and eucalyptus, oregano, dandelion.

The most important thing in the purification process to abide by such rules: drink a lot of raw, not boiled and not carbonated water (minimum 8 glasses ), remove sugar, products with white flour, and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, buckwheat, legumes (peas if “revolution” in the stomach – eat lentils – a great, easily digestible source of protein and minerals), eat raw nuts (except peanuts), and increased consumption of Flaxseed and olive oil. About fried, greasy and kopcheniya to mention, I hope it’s not necessary? After you have refused them?

Try this recipe of herbs for purgation: in the day when you decided to start to clean your body, take a teaspoon of fennel seeds, anise, fennel, cumin and coriander, permalite them in a coffee grinder into flour, There also add the leaves of Senna (five teaspoons) and rhubarb (eight teaspoons). Still time permalite and pour into a glass.

At nine o’clock in the evening dissolve a teaspoon of the mixture in 50 ml of unboiled water and consume immediately. Do not forget to drink 50 ml of raw water.

To make every evening a teaspoon.

The mixture that you have prepared, would be enough for three, so share with others, those who suffer from problems with the intestines.

These herbs not only help to clean the intestine, but are beneficial to liver, gall bladder make the bile more fluid and contribute to a more intense reduction of the liver and gallbladder, which helps remove toxins from these organs.

So, if you find the gallstones, you should avoid this recipe of herbs to cleanse the party.

Now what I promised you: salad recipe that will help more rapid advance of food in the small intestine and the removal of blockages in the colon.

Salad “Broom”

Main ingredients:

Option # 1 under normal acidity

The ratio of ingredients: 3:1:1

3 parts raw fresh cabbage chop

1 part carrots to grate

1 part raw beet to grate

Stir all together until, until the juice. Salad sprinkle with lemon juice and add some corn and sunflower oil.

2nd option with low acidity

The ratio of ingredients is 3:1:1

3 parts sauerkraut

1 part carrots to grate

1 part raw beet to grate

Stir all together until, until the juice. Drizzle salad with lemon juice (more than in the first embodiment) and a bit of corn and sunflower oil.

The 3rd variant with high acidity

The ratio of ingredients 1:1:2

1 part raw cabbage chop

1 part carrots to grate

2 pieces of cooked beetroot

Lemon juice is not!

You can add prunes

Only sunflower instead of olive oil!

Soup-puree of celery with vegetables (diet)

Stalks of celery (use the celery root – it is only suitable for salads) — 400 grams

Carrots — 2 pieces

Cabbage — 300 grams

Onion — 2 pieces

Bell pepper — 2-3 pieces

All the ingredients are cut into pieces, pour water (2 liters) and bring to a boil. Cook for 15-20 minutes, then pour into soup Cup or tomato juice, instead of juice, peel, finely chop tomatoes and add to soup. If you want in the soup, you can add black pepper or garlic, but it can hardly be required – the celery is very bright, full-bodied taste and aroma itself. Can all be blended to the consistency of mashed potatoes.

The soup can be eaten without any restrictions – as much as you want.

In the first three or four days celery soup is the main dish on your table. These days along with the soup you can consume only fresh vegetables and fruits (excluding potatoes, bananas and grapes, as they are too high in calories and will hinder the fat burning process and weight loss).

Now with the fifth day add chicken or Turkey, fish, lean beef or pork. The soup still is the main component of the daily menu. Eat it in any quantity by two to four times per day. Also in your diet you will have to add low-fat milk products: kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese.

Bon appetit and stay healthy!

If you have questions or comments, please share with us.

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