Recipes of beauty from the past

Nanopreparation, beauty treatments and laser hardware, scrubs, wraps and other achievements of science and technology in recent years of course effective. But do not forget that for many centuries women maintained their beauty. And in addition new-fangled recipes there are ways to care for face and body proven for centuries.

Women, by nature, very curious. And know it’s not just me. This is a very well know cosmetic company. Should receive the new drug or method, as a huge amount of beauties in a hurry to try the new-fangled wonders of science and technology. But there are time-tested recipes that do not yield new products on its effectiveness. Moreover, they are often better because they use natural ingredients and their effectiveness is time-tested.

Take a bath, rejuvenated

Before our era ancestors knew, that the bath is not only a good way to wash away dirt and dust from the body. It is also a rest for the soul, and health. Hot and cold water, steam room and massage, incense, fragrant herbs and brooms. It is clear that all this was used not only for simple ablution of the body. In our time, the offered range has expanded considerably. In baths and hamams, belarusskie and Finnish dry sauna and ofuro.

Roman baths

Steam bath helps cleanse the skin and strengthen immunity, remove toxins. It relaxes and relieves stress. Very useful pairs for the face. The metabolism, dry skin hydrated and oily skin becomes similar in its state to normal. Significantly increases the elasticity of the epidermis, which allows you to make almost invisible small mimic wrinkles.

And don’t forget about aromatherapy. About its importance known by the ancient Romans and effectively used in the bath treatment. Apply the essential oils very carefully – it is a really effective means and their overdose can be harmful to health.

Never use essential oils undiluted! Only in aqueous solutions at the rate of 5-10 drops to 10-15 square meter of space. Or you can prepare a solution of 3 drops per 0.5 liters of water and 1 tbsp of salt. Lavender oil will help to relax after a busy day or in times of stress. Orange oil is effective for cellulite. Rose, neroli and pachuli contribute to the rejuvenation of the body (antiage effect). Tea tree oil is effective for healing cracks and small wounds. You need to perform the procedure at a steam temperature of 45-50 degrees and at high humidity. A quarter of an hour will be enough for your body BOSH and absorb the therapeutic aromas. After the procedure it is very important to secure the effect by using salves used base oils: apricot, jojoba, grapeseed oil with a drop of essential oil.

Porridge oil will not spoil and rejuvenate the skin

Charmer from Ancient Greece to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin, as a means against wrinkles and stretch marks, and creams for the face and body, used olive oil. The secret of oil is that it can create on the skin a protective layer, which is similar to that create the sebaceous and sweat glands. Created by the oil layer chemically identical natural and does not cause rejection and disharmony. And this thin film protects the skin from wind and the scorching rays of the sun, protects from dehydration and formation of wrinkles. And the presence of oil and vitamins A. E. B. D. K helps to slow down skin aging process.

Greek beauty

In our days, when the abundance of all kinds of cosmetics naive to advocate the use of vegetable oil as the only effective product for skin care. But it is a natural product and can efficiently clean the skin, instead of milk. To do this, the oil should be warmed in a water bath and applied to the skin, and after 20-25 minutes, gently remove it with a napkin. To combat orange peel effect on the skin oil is used as a basis for dissolving essential oils. Also oil has good soothing ingredient for scrubs. And of course, in field conditions the oil can replace creams. When using the oil as a cream for the skin around the eyes, the oil should be applied very thin layer, otherwise you can provoke swelling of the skin. And if you decide to follow the experience of ancient Greek women, you should know that the oil should be unrefined.

The youth and beauty of Cleopatra

Even fresh milk contains lactic acids that help very gently and carefully to remove dead skin cells, which helps refresh and soften the epidermis. No one knows who has advised the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra take milk baths. The Board was not just right.

Modern science has discovered that Cleopatra’s bath (milk with honey) really helps slow down the aging process of the skin. And like any bath, this procedure is very well relieves stress and relaxes. Moreover, honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


The water temperature in the bath should be around 38 degrees. In water to add a mixture of one liter of heated (not boiled) milk (not powder-a substitute, namely milk) and 250 g of melted in a water bath of honey. Tablespoon of cosmetic oils (almond, pink, apricot) strengthen the tonic effect of the bath. Take a bath no sooner than 2 hours after eating. Duration of procedure – 20 minutes.

Sugar is not only harmful, but also useful

Fashion for smooth and beautiful skin without hair appeared long ago. And tools to remove hairline he used various. From the standpoint of the modern science method, which was used by the famous Queen Nefertiti is more effective than the use for epilating hair removal wax. The Queen is known to have used the sugar solution.


If you cannot visit the European salon, the same procedure can be done at home. Take 1 kg of sugar, 130 g lemon juice or lime juice and 150 ml of water. Heat the mixture on the fire until, until the sugar becomes transparent and the mixture is converted into a uniform substance. The obtained warm paste is applied against hair growth (for most efficient hair removal long hair should be 2-4 mm). When the crust hardens it is necessary to remove sharp jerk for hair growth.

White beauty in the city lived

Fashion is changing: fashion in South tan, the aristocratic pallor. And of course you choose. But if you select a marble skin then it is time to apply the recipes of the ancient Slavic girls. Popular recipes to lighten skin, remove freckles and pigmentation quite a lot.

White skin as a sign of aristocracy

Can take fresh parsley and chop the greens. Take two tablespoons of chopped raw materials and pour them a glass of boiling water. To insist 40 minutes and strain. When the infusion has cooled, it is necessary to add a teaspoon of lemon juice. To wipe the face and hands twice a day. Even easier for lightening skin use cucumber, grated on a fine grater. Gruel apply on face and leave for 20 minutes.

The recipe is from the snow Queen

For hundreds of years it is known that ice has anti-aging properties. In ancient Russia the steam room after swimming in the hole or the snow, rubbing the body with ice. Currently in beauty salons popular uses cryo-massage, which uses ice, snow or liquid nitrogen.

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