Seaweed – the benefits and harms

Laminaria is a seaweed, known as kelp, belongs to the brown algae. Particularly appreciated her for all the vitamins and nutrients contained in the seaweed easily digestible. The content is more than 40 vitamins in cabbage taken from the sea, helps to rejuvenate the body and prolong life. Regular consumption of seaweed slows down the development of sclerosis.

The healing properties of laminaria are prized in many corners of the globe. About its beneficial effects on the human body were known in Ancient China and Japan. Today, this exotic product is on the menu for everyone, who wants to be healthy.

Maritime occupant to 20 % consists of fructose, rich in polysaccharides. If we talk about the side effects from taking seaweed, they are not, if properly prepared and consumed seaweed in moderation. Famous seaweed antibacterial properties, its composition similar to the composition of medicinal mud, and is therefore suitable for the treatment of inflammatory processes of female bodies. Sea Kale can be bought in dried form, pickled and frozen in blocks, in this case it retains all its natural qualities, the less useful it is in the form of canned food.

Green or brown algae grows in the Northern seas and the sea of Japan large belts, reaching a length of 13 meters. Not everyone likes the taste of morganaposted, she smells of sea water, in this case, instead of salt sprinkle food powder from it. The scent becomes less noticeable, and the benefits are invaluable. In the kelp contains almost all essential amino acids (alanine, aspartic and glutamic amino acids) are not connected, they are well assimilated by the human body.

The recipe for “seaweed in Korean”

If the kelp growing in the waters of polluted areas, it is likely that it may contain traces of oil, heavy metals and radioactive elements. Dried seaweed is actively involved in normalizing metabolism, promotes weight loss, increase immunity. She treats diseases of the heart and blood vessels, normalizes the Central nervous system, good for bones.

And thanks to the enzymes and pectin the effect of treatment gastrointestinal tract exceeds all expectations. While eating this wonderful product is excretion of radionuclides, heavy metals and residues of broken antibiotics. Natural medicine is able to affect the intestinal flora and have vermifugal action. Dry the cabbage store in a cool, dry location in a dark room. After bath to dry skin with a towel, RUB the whole body soaking kelp in water, to wrap himself in a sheet and go to bed.

For this ribbon you need to soak it in hot water (half a liter), to wrap, to insist, wring out and applied to the affected area, the top cover with polyethylene or a warm blanket. It is especially useful for children because it feeds the brain, the body becomes capable of great endurance, improved memory and eyesight.

With goiter, anemia and diseases of the eye is the first drug, improvement can be noted already from the first weeks of use. In seaweed, iodine is present in combination with amino acids, it promotes good digestion. Iodine deficiency in pregnant women and nursing mothers especially felt, because seaweed needs to be widely used not only in pure form but also as various drugs.

Iodine normalizes hormonal background, removes depression, removes toxins, heals the lungs and strengthens the skeleton of a baby and the bones of the mother. Dried or frozen cabbage should be pre-boil. Caloric content of fresh and dried seaweed 100 grams is about 5 Kcal. Due to the fact that the calories are low, kelp is used as a component of the diet for those who want to be slim.

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Not only is it low in calories, so even he is the enemy of cellulite and reduce metabolism. Kelp is good for health and reduce weight diets. Incredibly effective it is for mono-diet.

Conversely, satiety and nutritional value of the cells will be provided. Kelp is contraindicated in hemorrhagic manifestations, nephritis, chronic furunculosis and hyperthyroidism. If the organism is sensitive to components of kelp, its consumption may cause allergies, and in this case, it is not recommended for children and adults with a diagnosis of “diathesis”. Hellebore is a unique perennial plant whose height can reach 50 cm Simple stem with weak branching has dlinnochereshkovye and opposite leaves.

Cloudberry is a unique plant, which has a lot of useful components. The cloudberry grows not only in Russia but also in Belarus. It prefers peat bogs, boggy forests, moss and shrub tundra.

Although the fly agaric is a poisonous mushroom, it still has useful properties, such as analgesic, stimulant, analgesic and anticancer. Also it is used as an antispasmodic and debilitating pain remedies for tumors, rheumatism, nervous tension… How useful kelp what and whether to introduce it into our, not Eastern diet?

In food industry it is used as thickener and forms a jelly substance. Referred to as e414 – this inscription can be found on the packaging of canned products and many people mistakenly take a natural product over chemical dye. Algae have many other useful properties. As a low-calorie product kelp is widely used in the diets.

Gently cleanses and nourishes it with essential micronutrients. Dry kelp can be added as a spice to any dish. Raw often prepare salads. Kelp can be purchased in the store or pharmacy. High quality algae must not be crumpled and lost its structure. Kelp a rich source of essential amino acids and useful minerals.

You simply enter in your daily diet seaweed, she should be fresh and without harmful additives such as mayonnaise. All kinds of seaweed differ in qualitative composition (presence of certain vitamins, micro – and macroelements). To strengthen immunity, and replenish the iodine enough to eat 2 tablespoons of kelp per day or 250 g once a week.

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