The shaman is a hybrid class that combines the power of treatment and of damage in combat at close and far distances. That is why he is considered one of the most flexible and versatile classes in the game. They are designed to strengthen all aspects of the group, at the same time, not focusing on any one of them. Depending on the choice of specialization, shamans may become attacking spellcasters, melee fighters or healers. Their main effects of support provided through the totems that the shaman are on the earth, offering various benefits to the members of the group, or attacking enemies within a radius of 30 to 50 meters (depending on the form of the totem). An interesting fact is that shamans are the least numerous class in the game.

Shamans are spiritual visionaries of tribes and clans. Gifted healers, they can see the world of spirits and communicate with creatures that are inaccessible to the eyes of mere mortals. They can see the future, and because of this, to lead his people through the centuries. Although at first glance the shaman looks wise and calm, at the same time, he is a formidable opponent; in his nostrils the spirit also fierce, like those associated with immortality or nature.

Class shamans once was only available to three Horde races: Tauren, orcs and trolls. Created as a counterbalance to the paladin, the shaman was unavailable to players of the Alliance. It’s safe to say that it has caused numerous problems in the development of abiclass in need of balancing against each other. With the expansion The Burning Crusade the situation changed, and shaman-the draenei have become available and the Alliance, while the Horde got paladins – blood elves, that allows in future to independently develop both classes.

In groups shamans took on the role of klassicheskogo a fifth member, the complementary capabilities of other powerful positive effects (using totems and shields) along with treatment or damage to more specialized classes. Shamans can revive myself every 30 minutes (this time can be reduced to 15 minutes, using the distribution of talents), using the ability “Rebirth” even during battle. In combination with another skill to revive other players, shamans have become a viable means of recovery after a wipe.

Once, shamans, using the talents of “Improvement”, also intended for tankomania. However, the inability to wear heavy armor and numerous changes of branches of talents over time, gave priority to its features in favor of treatment and damage. Despite the fact that most shamans can quite well perform the role of tank in dungeons until 60 level, higher levels require armored tanks with more powerful passive protection and mitigation of damage than those that exist in the shamans Arsenal, despite their versatility and ability to heal.

Basic characteristics

Shamans wear leather armor until level 40 after which gain the ability to wear chain armor. This is why many shamans choose as your profession is Leatherworking, which you can use to create acceptable samples of your reservation to the time will be able to wear it. In addition, specialization in “Leatherworking: dragon scales” allows to produce items chainmail armor, improve the characteristics and indicators that would be very beneficial for this class.

In the beginning, the shamans can use one-handed Mace along with a shield or staff, and subsequently by visiting the coach – to learn the ability to use daggers, fist weapons, one-handed and two-handed axes and blunt weapons.

Specializing in “Improving” the shamans can fight with two weapons. To achieve 40th level shaman exploring the possibility of wearing chain mail from his coach.

Totems (Totems)

Shamans have four types of totems, each of which corresponds to one of the elements: air, earth, fire and water. Each type of totem the shaman is given, as a reward for the quest. First he gets the totem of the earth. The other totems he produces at higher levels. You quite often pay a visit to the trainer to find out if there are any quest for a new type of totem.

Totems in the game are in two forms: as an object in the backpack and how the spell effect. In order to cast a totem spell, the shaman in the backpack should be is the totem of the appropriate element. When the shaman cast a totem spell, something about him appears on earth a temporary magical totem, which can be attacked by players and monsters. The totem that is in your backpack doesn’t disappear, it just creates a copy and placed on the playing field.

– Totems are immune to spells, vozdeystviem in the area ( AoE ).

Totems remain in place and not move with the shaman. So he and his team have to stand close to the totem to receive the benefits.

Totems are bound to the player ( Soulbound ), it means that you will not be able to transfer them to another player. Totems needed to since totem spells of the appropriate elemental. For example, if you want to Castanet spell Searing totem ( Searing Totem ), which is fiery, in your backpack should be a fire totem. The good news is that a totem in your backpack can be used an unlimited number of times. So you don’T need to buy any reagents for this kind of spells.

– You can simultaneously be active for one totem of each element.

If you castrate totem of the same type that you already active, the new supersedes the previous totem. I mean, if you castrate one fire totem spell and then another fire totem, the spell will cancel the first.

When you use a totem spell, you get a magical totem which can be destroyed. When you see the enemy shaman casting the totem, you should be aware that can attack the totem and destroy it.

A shaman can be up to four different types of totems: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The shaman gets totems during the passage of quests. The first totem you will get earth. Others will become available at higher levels. Every time you get next level you should go to the coach to see if he has quest for the new totem.

Totem stays where you created it, and does not move for you. To get the bonuses, you need to stay near him.

Totem is attached to the character, which means that you will not be able to pass it to another player. In order to cast a totem of a particular type, this totem must be in your inventory. For example, if you want to SoldOut Searing totem (Searing Totem), you have in your inventory should be the totem of Fire. Totems are not restricted by number of uses.

Also don’t need to buy any additional components to use the totem.

– You can only activate four totem at the same time, one of each type: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

– The last totem replaces the previous one of the same kind. If you create a totem of Fire, and then another of the same type, the totem created by the second will cancel the first. Remember not to waste mana, conjuring two totems of the same type.

– Once the totem has been installed on the ground, it can attack monsters and players. It is worth remembering this when you receive the totem near the enemy shaman.

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