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We are a family enterprise for the collection, preparation and production of medicinal herbs and fees. Family – because the passion and knowledge behind it, are family property of the family of Valentina Ivanovna Kantsur, and carefully passed from generation to generation. A manufactory implies only manual labor used to produce our medicinal mixtures, only the most attentive, sincere attitude at all stages of production. You can be sure that the Herbs of the Caucasus are collected, harvested and prepared in medical fees for all the traditions and rules of folk medicine – and in full compliance with the latest environmental standards!


Today, in the age of high technology and man-made disasters, more and more people on the planet think about the dangers of chemicals, having settled down in our lives under the guise of household agents, foods and medicines, choosing natural, real, natural, treatment of folk medicine. Our task is to facilitate this choice by offering you a safe, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry. The herbs of the Caucasus – is a centuries-old knowledge of traditional medicine, the experience of the best Russian herbalists and modern filologicheskie research in each collection. It is surprisingly soft, gentle, natural solution of your health problems with ispolzovanpokoleniya forces of Nature itself!


The core of today’s successful family manufacturing business “Herbs of Caucasus” is a personal story of the inhabitant of a Hot Key Cancer Valentina Ivanovna – who managed to turn his own experience of combating serious diseases, in case that helps many people. Old recipes drug charges, composed of herbs and plants growing in abundance on the fertile lands of Sunny foothills of the Caucasus, was truly miraculous – they managed to put on feet even those whose recovery seemed impossible a traditional medicine.

It was then a private, family matter has taken on a completely different scale, and greatly improved and expanded over the years recipes medicinal herbs are well-deserved pride of the company “Herbs of Caucasus”.

Starting with a single retail outlet, opened in 1995, today the company “Herbs of Caucasus” has become a large, successful enterprise, combining the most modern standards of quality and high-tech manufacturing solutions with its age – old traditions of folk herbalists. We employ a staff of specialists filologov, whose professional competence meets the highest requirements of today. Thus we remain faithful to the traditional methods of picking, processing and packaging our herbs, doing it manually, despite the substantial production volumes, and avoiding the forced drying. It was such a warm caring duties allows the manufacture of “Herbs of Caucasus” to stay consistent, high-quality and most effective because the herbs included in their composition, harvested under the most stringent rules and regulations!


Complete product range of factory “Herbs of Caucasus” – this is 100 kinds of drug charges and 150 names of individual medicinal herbs. A detailed list of the areas of pharmaceutical impact of our herbal mixtures is not worse than traditional medicines – significantly outperforming them in terms of quality. And if the drugs are designed to treat diseases – herb health care!

Herbal “Herbs of Caucasus” is capable to replace virtually all of your home first aid kit, effectively, and safely returning you lost the quality of a full life.

Disease metabolic, digestive, urogenital, cardiovascular and other body systems, acute and chronic conditions, diseases of eye, complications and relapses, everything that hinders you to enjoy life – by all means yield to force, concluded Nature in drug manufacture charges of “Herbs of Caucasus”!

Designed for the full course of treatment, or half for your convenience, our collections are stored in environmentally friendly packaging, which you can find detailed instruction for use of the medicinal collection and a brief description of its effects on the body. All fees of the company “Herbs of Caucasus” have a complex effect, not only accurately healing the particular organs affected by the disease, but also enhancing overall health. We are mindful that our body is a single mechanism, in which everything is interconnected!

150 items of mono-herbs, harvested in the foothills of the Caucasus, the Altai Krai, the Crimean Peninsula is our gift to all those who are and am familiar with the principles of herbalism, and has her own recipes for medicinal mixtures. Dried naturally and packaged immediately after drying, the herbs will be a perfect base for your family recipes, keeping the high valuable medicinal substances.

After all, the quality patologicheskoi product does not only original quality of harvested raw materials – here herbs for thousands of years grows abundantly in the vast foothills of the Caucasus, there is simply no competitors! The wealth and generosity of the local nature allows from year to year to raise a fine crop of wild, organic plants that possess unique healing properties.

To maintain these properties is another challenge that the company “Herbs of Caucasus” to cope in the best way. We dry our herbs naturally – as if you harvested them yourself, without using any production techniques that violate the natural process. It is scientifically proven that the plants for a long time and actively secrete biologically active substances – those that are struggling then with our diseases. The concentration of these healthful substances only increases the time required for complete drying of raw materials. Putting in the forefront absolute quality of our herbal products, not the pursuit of quick profits, we allow our medicinal herbs complete natural cycle of drying, to gain the greatest number of valuable properties. Therefore, buying our medicinal herbs and mixtures, you can be quite sure that they gathered and stored not only with the mind but also the soul!

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