Sinusitis: a treatment of folk remedies

Sinusitis — an inflammatory disease of the sinuses, which are located in the upper jaw. This disease occurs due to the penetration of bacteria the process. Infected mucosa swells, formed in the axils of the purulent discharge, breathing through the nose difficult. At a later period there is a headache, with acute fever, decreased performance, feeling of weakness and fatigue.

Sinusitis is quite a serious disease that threatens many complications if not treated in time, so a visit to the doctor you can not avoid. But along with the doctor’s recommendations you can improve your condition and speed up recovery by applying some of the methods of treatment of sinusitis folk remedies .

One of the most powerful anti-sinusitis — St. John’s wort . This unremarkable grass is, in fact, a natural antibiotic and is able to kill pathogens. This does not mean, however, that you should abandon the use of doctor recommended antibacterial drugs, but in combination with medication, St. John’s wort gives a stunning effect.

Brew a teaspoon of dried herb in a Cup of boiling water. This solution was washed with Nosovichi. This treatment is particularly effective if you have chronic sinusitis without purulent discharge.

For ingestion in sinusitis, prepare an infusion of 20 g of herb per Cup of boiling water. Take it up to 3 times a day in 150 g hot. The course of treatment is 10-12 days. Healing potion from sinusitis can be prepared from yarrow in the same proportions.

A good remedy for the treatment of sinusitis at home — 3 infusion .

They are prepared separately, then mixed and buried 5 drops in each nostril three times a day. These infusions can be used for inhalation (no more than 5 minutes), in this case, just 10-12 treatments.

A mixture of infusions No. 1

In three cups of water to brew separately 15 g of Hypericum, 10 g sushenitsy marsh and 10 g of chamomile . After insisting to prepare a mixture and drip, as mentioned above.

A mixture of extracts No. 2

10 g of leaves and flowers lemon grass, 10 grams of plantain leaves and grass lemon balm and 10 grams of peppermint to brew individual cups. Once the infusions are ready, mix together and drip into the nasal passages.

For the treatment of purulent forms of sinusitis apply ointment . which helps to cleanse the sinuses.

For cooking you need to take juices of onion, Kalanchoe, cyclamen root, aloe and ointment Vishnevsky 1 teaspoon. All mix well. On a wooden stick or a match wound cotton wool dipped in ointment, and paste into the nasal passages for 20-30 minutes. The course of treatment— 20 days.

If in sinuses of accumulated mucus, you can help rubbing the skin over them with mustard oil . The rubbing motion should be light and cautious. Apply the oil every day.

Chronic sinusitis: a treatment of folk remedies

Sorry, sinusitis often becomes chronic. This happens mostly with those who do not bring treatment to the end, tolerate cold on the feet who have a weakened immune system. For such people, with only a small runny nose and bit of flu, the disease flared up again.

And in this case, the disease may look slightly different from the classical picture, for example, is not observed increasing the temperature. In any case, a trip to the doctor should be scheduled in the near future, and we in turn will give several recipes for the treatment of chronic sinusitis at home .

At the first sign of aggravation, you can make a compress of clay . For this purpose buy in a drugstore clay, a small quantity, dilute with hot water to the consistency of stiff dough. Then prepare two pieces of gauze (or cloth), soak them in vegetable oil. The fabric is put on the area of the nasal sinuses (under the eyes on both sides of the nose), and the top small pellet of clay.

Keep the compress for about an hour. There may be discomfort, but you have to be patient. By the reviews, after three days of these treatments, the condition improves, and the aggravation you can avoid.

If the chronic sinusitis is accompanied by a purulent discharge, your primary task is to clear the nasal sinuses of pus and reduce swelling of the mucous membrane.

For these purposes, folk healers recommend to prepare the ointment . In equal amounts mix onion juice, vegetable oil, alcohol, milk, honey . grated grated or crushed Laundry soap (dark, 72%). Fold all ingredients in a pot and warmed up in a water bath to dissolve the soap. Ointment then remove from heat and let it cool.

In a mixture of dip sticks, wound with cotton wool and insert into the nasal passages. It is better to lie down, to blend better inside. The time of one procedure is 15 minutes. To do them three times a day, treatment course — 21 days.

One of the best folk remedies for treatment of sinusitis in the chronic form is considered to be a compress of decoction of Bay leaf . By the reviews, this product for 5-7 days helps to cope with the next exacerbation even in purulent form of sinusitis.

To prepare the broth take 3 large Bay leaf and cover with water so that the leaves disappeared, but do not add much water. Put the pan on the fire and wait until boil, then immediately remove the broth from the plate.

Lie down on the sofa, dip it in the broth thick cloth, wring out that water is not dripping, and put it on the face, covering the forehead and both sides of the nose. Top cover with towel to retain heat. Holding a compress until cool.

After cooling, take another cloth and dip it again in the decoction and apply to the face.

So you need to do while the broth in the pan is no longer warm (about 3 times). The best time for carrying out such procedures at bedtime.

This, of course, not all folk remedies of treatment of sinusitis . but, undoubtedly, one of the most effective.

Treating sinusitis at home . you need to remember about the need to consult at the doctor. Even if you have chronic sinusitis and you are used to cope with it themselves, still the examination of the expert will not hurt and certainly will save you from unpleasant consequences. Also prior to application of folk remedies for the treatment of sinusitis it is better to check with the doctor what he would recommend depending on the characteristics of the disease.

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