The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men and women

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds is analysed by scholars for a long time. The product is recommended for use to children, but it really need to apply?

In folk medicine, the seeds were used to treat men’s and women’s diseases since the 17th century. They have a positive impact on the functioning of the prostate and reproductive system.

Homeland of the plant is Latin America, where seeds were first used in cooking. Thus, in practice, have been tested useful properties of the product in the treatment of intestinal diseases, liver and kidney.

Pumpkin seeds for good health

Pumpkin seeds are used to strengthen the immune system. They contain minerals, vitamins and trace elements also some rare acid that can destroy cancer cells.

As a result of clinical studies of pathogenic properties of the product were found, therefore it is considered that it has no contraindications for use. Nevertheless, harm pumpkin health, there is, what shall we talk about a few below.

Use pumpkins to normalize blood pressure with 18th-century people are used to it, stradajosie hypertension. In its composition contains substances that are capable of tone the vascular wall and, thus, to treat high blood pressure. However, when the disease should be perfectly matched to the dose of the product, which won’t be too hard to drop blood pressure.

Ancient sailors used the product for seasickness, which was manifested by nausea and vomiting during the “somersault” in the water. It turns out, the seeds have chemicals that normalize brain activity and restore the functionality of the vibration apparatus.

Use pumpkin seeds for pregnant women is that when toxicity is observed an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. Against this background there arise constipation and disturbance of digestion. If you eat sunflower seeds in 3 weeks, the morning sickness symptoms disappear.

The research also found that pumpkin excretes toxic substances: cadmium and lead. The use of the product lies in the fact that for internal use it prevents changes in the tissues when exposed to radiation.

The use of eating large amounts of pumpkin seeds are recommended in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with high acidity of the stomach (peptic ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis).

Product used in folk medicine for treating burns and difficult-to-heal wounds. For these purposes, one of them is a special porridge, which is applied to the surface of the skin.

Use pumpkin seeds in scientific experiments

Use pumpkin seeds in scientific experiments:

Use pumpkins in cancer treatment established in research. The product increases the immunity and reduces cholesterol, preventing heart disease (angina, heart attack);

Inflammation of joints is significantly reduced by eating the seeds of the product. This effect is due to the presence in its composition of anti-inflammatory substances;

In seeds contain zinc, which is involved in the restoration of the structure of bone tissue and prevents its rarefaction (osteoporosis);

Useful properties of sunflower seeds for men due to their beneficial action on the prostate gland;

The product also contains a special substance, cucurbites, which has protivoepilepticheskie properties. Because of this properties pumpkin seeds are used to prevent helminth infections.

For women product is also useful because it preserves the youthfulness of the skin and restores hair structure.

Of course, the use of the product will be higher, if it is applied fresh. During heat treatment the nutrients are destroyed and can cause allergic reactions. Against this background, appear constipation, violation of the gastrointestinal tract, pathology of the liver and kidneys. Follow the dosage when using pumpkin in meals!

The dangers of pumpkin seed for the body

As with any other product in the use of pumpkin seeds should be used with caution. During the practical research they discovered salicylic acid, which in large quantities causes poisoning of the body. It can cause peptic ulcer, and inflammatory changes in it (gastritis).

When crushing the hard shell can damage tooth enamel. When using them in large numbers on the teeth may be deposited salts, which over time lead to the destruction of tooth structure and damage of the joints with the formation of osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Not to forget also about high calorie seeds. If consumed daily for 100 grams of product, you can “cover” about 550 kcal of energy. Thus, for weight loss eating 200 grams of seeds per day will allow you to acquire extra pounds.

The high caloric content of pumpkin is due to the content of large amounts of fat (46%).

The zinc content strengthens bone tissue, prostate gland and improves memory. This trace element at elevated concentrations may cause toxic effects on the lungs and the brain.

The maximum harm caused by the use of treated seeds. They contain the minimum amount of nutrients, but also increased the concentration of toxins. The eating of roasted seeds leads to the accumulation of salts in the joints and lungs.

Must say that pumpkin seeds have more useful properties than harm. Their application is checked by practical experience of traditional medicine, but be aware that maximum useful properties when properly stored pumpkins.

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