The hidden danger!

Now there are many different courses, workshops, centres, schools of Reiki, learning systems and directions based different Reiki masters. One of the most famous lines of the Kundalini Reiki, the methodology of which is the activation of the Kundalini energy in the human body and its subsequent use for the healing of the physical body, mind, and helping other people. There is also the following: Mikao Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, named in honor of master teachers who founded these schools of Reiki, learning systems which is divided into certain stages, which students receive the appropriate empowerments and initiations: 1st degree Reiki, 2nd degree, 3rd degree of Reiki.

For the fastest connection of man to higher energies, as well as during the initiation rite and initiation in Reiki using the so-called Reiki symbols (specializati and hieroglyphs). The use of these symbols does not require meditation or many years of spiritual practice, according to many masters in the schools of the directions of Karuna, Usui and Kundalini Reiki. Acting directly on the subconscious, these Reiki symbols cause changes in the inner state of a person and give him thus an opportunity to connect to a higher source of energy. In some systems, learning Reiki it is believed that the symbols can only be activated a certain way, but actually there are different ways to enhance characters and many Reiki masters and books teach that it is enough just to think about the intention to use these characters for their activation.

But we will not detail in this article to consider all of the principles, fundamentals and techniques of teaching Reiki. About it you can find a lot of info on other sites, and read in popular books on Reiki.

Here we will talk about more interesting things!

So what is Reiki (or Reiki) really?

It seems to be a magic pill, effective, without side effects leading to fast healing. But is it? Can the energy flowing through the practitioners hands to be clean, even and synthesized from outer Space? And what consequences in the long term leads this type of energy assistance clients and the professionals, Reiki masters and other energy healers? And how stable could be the result of assistance when using these techniques of healing by laying of hands?

Let’s see and in search of answers to these questions will appeal not to common opinions of different schools of Reiki and the subjective assessments of the strength of Reiki various treatment methods, and the physics of energy-informational interactions as neutral arbitro!

Fig. 2. A method of removing the characteristics of radiation of each chakra person methods “Infomatica “.

So you can test the effect of Reiki on the adjustment

energy shell of a person during a session of “healing” hands.

I want to emphasize that we are very positive view as to the system of Reiki as a whole and to all masters and experts providing people with methods of energy healing. Their work deserves respect, because thanks to their work many people were able to get a cure for their disease and see their experience, that physical body and visible material world is not all that exists in Nature, but there is a world of unseen energies, from the balance in the body and affect our health.

Many years ago we were in practice all the degrees of initiation in Reiki techniques and healing practice, reaching this level of superior craftsmanship. But then we had to leave this level and go higher, taking the categorical position of non-intervention in foreign energy systems in any way, under any pretext, with any intensity of seeing side effects, safety violations and the limited energy technician data assistance: how Reiki and any other method of healing by laying of hands.

This article aims to show the experts providing assistance on techniques of Reiki and energy healing practitioners, as well as those who only trained Reiki or seeking deliverance from their diseases in these techniques, in the form of a panacea, a much more detailed picture of the world than that which is limited only by the level of energy flows. Disease, as it turned out, may have a very different root cause, the roots of which lie on a higher level, in the field of information interactions and “bad” energy is just a consequence of them.

First, let’s take a closer look at the limited applicability of practices of healing in General . whether it is Reiki or any other system of providing energy assistance.

Consult physics of thin plans of matter existence and modern scientific research of the processes of energy-information interactions maintained within the new direction “Informatica” at the International Institute of Social Ecology.

Any person in addition to his physical body has energy shell (also called bio-field or aura) is created through energy-information radiation of organs and systems of the body, as well as the passage of control signals of the brain through biologically active points (energy meridians) of the body and having the nodes antinodes of energy, called chakras.

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