The study of Oriental Medicine-massages

In our time, when classical pharmacological medicine is not restorative, but rather destructive for the organism, come to the aid of a variety of alternative therapies.

It has long been believed that Chinese and Tibetan medicine the most advanced in the world and can heal 99% of all illness. (Unbelievable, but true: until the late nineteenth century, doctors used only traditional methods of treatment, and in pharmacies sold all purely natural not chemical.)

Therefore, we have tried to put together a really effective and most useful methods of influence on the body. Present our study of Oriental medicine:

Our office is a unique combination of methods of pulse diagnosis, homotoxicology, acupuncture, and massage! Allows you to define the hidden causes of diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urogenital systems, reduced immunity in frequently ill children, pain of various localization, tobacco dependence and other diseases.

The study of Oriental medicine focuses primarily on a variety of specialists trained in a variety of types of massage:

1.) Master Chen is a Chinese massage therapist (hostis southern China )

Chen is fluent in:

traditional Chinese point massage (reflexology) — a method of influence on biologically active points. The human body is a unified system in which the energy circulates along meridians, which are biologically active points, influencing on which you can heal people. This method is very effective and has several advantages. These include: affordability, the lack of side effects, the speed of obtaining the therapeutic effect, high efficiency in the treatment of pain syndromes and functional disorders. Sometimes reflexology techniques become the only possible methods of treatment in patients with severe allergies to pharmaceuticals, drug intolerance, drug addiction; help to avoid side effects of conventional pharmacology. They are many times more effective impact and therapeutic effect because the needle directly affects the nerve endings sent to the affected area (i.e. morbidity).

massage Gouache — is one of the healing techniques that came from ancient Chinese tradition. The purpose of Guasha is to restore the flow of vital energy along meridians through the impact on the acupuncture points with a scraper to eliminate toxins through the skin surface. During the massage the body is relieved from unwanted things: leave the congestion hampering the movement of Qi, and then go physical and psycho-emotional issues associated with them.

— cupping massage — is a treatment procedure, which is based on the provision of active influence on the human body by means of vacuum that is created in a special Bank designed for massage. Special use cupping massage is that in places suction cans to the body, increases circulation and lymph circulation in the tissues, skin and organs, is made active nutrition of tissues.

As a result of applying cupping massage:

significantly improves elasticity and muscle tone;

— there is stimulation of biologically active zones of the body;

— effectively alleviated the pathological reflexes that appear due to compression on the nerves.

in the human body dumps a large amount of positive neural impulses;

— significantly increases the volume circulating in the body blood;

— is the process of cleaning clogged sweat and sebaceous glands, metabolic products (salts, urea, acetone, toxins) are efficiently removed from the skin;

— accelerates the process of microcirculation of extracellular fluid, blood and lymph in the skin, tendons, muscle tissues and ligaments;

— activates the update process of blood;

— improve respiratory function;

— decreases body temperature;

— is very intense and the expectoration from the body.

— reduces the swelling and inflammation in joints and tissues;

— increases the body’s immunity.

2.)Alexander Chernyshev. Practice conducting different types of massage. relaxing, lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, deep tissue massage and programs of body conditioning, etc. In fluent:

— classic or therapeutic massage is a safe, painless method of mechanical impact on the surface of body tissue. He shows every adult who leads an active lifestyle, because it can be used to restore balance throughout the body. So, classic body massage allows to restore normal blood circulation and lymph flow, relax tired muscles, maintain the skin’s tone and improve the mobility of the musculoskeletal system.

— lymphatic drainage is to remove excess fluid from the adipose tissue. The increase in the volume of fluid process universal, non-specific. It can be seen in mnogiz diseases and conditions, such as increased total body mass, local fat deposits, cellulite, scars. Violation of microcirculation and the internal swelling is an integral part of the inflammatory process, tissue degeneration and natural aging process. Lymphatic drainage massage is shown not only in diseased conditions, but is a preventive method aimed at continuing the normal metabolism in healthy people and much more.

— “The old Slavonic massage internal organs” (visceral therapy) -(massage, objavljivanje internal organs of the abdomen) is an ancient technique that has its roots in depth of centuries. Thanks to this procedure that does not require any medical equipment, the work of the internal organs markedly improved by enhancing the blood circulation and lymph circulation. The removal of the venous and lymphatic stasis in the organs and colooring spaces leads to normalization of functions of these bodies and the restoration of the whole body without the use or little use of drugs. That’s why visceral chiropractic has a very wide range of action.

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