The use of herbs in pyelonephritis

Folk medicine for centuries provides treatment of various renal diseases with the use of nature resources. Herbs when medicine is able to relieve the inflammation and to cleanse the urinary tract from harmful microbes, they restore functioning of the kidneys and strengthen the immunity of the body.

Renal fees are a popular method of treatment. In our days they can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepare a mixture of herbs on their own. Before you begin the treatment of kidneys need to consult with experts and make sure that the herbs will not cause allergic reactions.


Ways of treatment of the disease

Beginning pyelonephritis, usually accompanied by General weakness in the body. The first alarm bells of acute and chronic forms of pyelonephritis is fatigue. Such kidney disease often occur due to hypothermia and weakening of the immune system. The first symptoms of pyelonephritis is quite easy to recognize: fever, nausea, vomiting, pain in the back, frequent and painful urination, changed urine color.

Acute pyelonephritis usually begins suddenly, and chronic years are not able to be felt and only occasionally to remind pulling pain in the kidneys. Pyelonephritis treatment can be conservative and surgical means, the second applies when the first does not bring tangible results. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs is combined with the use of medicinal plants. These methods are not mutually exclusive and are used in parallel, if there are no contraindications.

Bed rest and diet

The use of medicinal herbs and medicines is necessary, but not less important diet. Without it is impossible to restore the functioning of the kidneys and to stop destructive changes in the renal tissues. Doctors recommend patients to increase fluid intake and plant-based food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Treatment of the acute form of pyelonephritis lasts 14 days, chronic – a month. Homeopathy is most widely used in the fight with the second form of the disease, is considered a standard week-long course receive the same type of homeopathic remedies.

In order to functioning kidneys recover quickly, official and folk medicine insist on compliance by patient bed rest.

Avoid draughts and hypothermia. Infusions of herbs to treat kidney in any case should not be cold, even if the homeopathic remedy is used in the hot season. Infusions and decoctions can be cooled only to room temperature.

Compotes and herbal teas

To restore the functioning of the kidneys helps cranberry compote. Anti-inflammatory effect and has cranberries. Infusion of cowberry leaves helps at illnesses of kidneys. They pour boiling water, insist 15-20 min with the lid on and drink portions before eating. Similarly, you can brew calendula flowers, dandelion leaves, plantain, horsetail, nettle.

One popular means of dealing with pyelonephritis are flax seeds: the treatment of various diseases with their help has been practiced for centuries. The substances contained in the seeds are able to relieve the inflammation in the kidneys and to normalize water-salt metabolism in the body. To properly prepare a healing potion, to two parts of flax seeds, add 3 parts of mint, corn silk and pine buds. For its preparation it will need pepper, not lemon varieties of mint.

Medicinal plants

To the above components is added 4 parts of horsetail and 5 parts of the shoots of wild rosemary, leaves or flowers of Hypericum. The mixture brew boiling water for several hours in a thermos – and the potion is ready. This technology infusion is used for other renal collecting. composed of coriander, marshmallow root, motherwort flowers and immortelle, plantain and pine buds. These components take in equal proportions, add St. John’s wort, calendula (flowers), leaves of cowberry and knotweed – 2 parts.

There is another variant of the infusion, providing a longer extraction time, about 10 a.m. the Standard course of treatment is infusions 2 weeks, I never drank them at the same time. Treatment with homeopathic remedies should not be permanent, between courses of reception of infusions, make a break, which lasts, as a rule, 14 days.

Chamomile, infusion with legendary St. John’s wort, oats and corn silk

Treatment of kidney diseases with chamomile is considered to be no less effective, but pregnant women this tool (like St. John’s wort) to apply categorically, because it can induce miscarriage. Chamomile flowers have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and do not require inclusion in the “medicine” more homeopathic remedies. 1 Cup boiling water 1 tablespoon of crushed chamomile flowers. “Medicine” don’t need to cook long enough for her to insist 1 hour.


A decoction of pine buds and St. John’s wort, about the healing power of which is legendary, is made longer. Treatment of renal diseases with its use is popular in the Northern regions of Russia. 50 g pine buds and the same St. John’s wort should be boiled in the milk (it will take about 2 liters). The best option is a natural product, and not that offered by many stores. Drink the resulting broth before meals not more than one fourth part of the glass.

St. John’s wort, mixed with raspberry leaves, used primarily for the treatment of colds, but with the help of this homeopathic remedies might be fight and with pyelonephritis. The simple infusion of the flowers of Hypericum and raspberry leaf prepared in exactly 20 minutes – so much time raw insist after it was flooded with boiling water. A decoction and use as tea, but in limited quantities, as raspberry leaves have a pronounced diuretic effect.

Easy to prepare decoctions from the use of oats, which is able to restore and rejuvenate the soft tissues of the body. To get a healing potion, herb oats pour and boil for about half an hour on low heat. Drink it every day no more than 2 cups. Treatment oats is limited and lasts on average 2-3 weeks. During its passage healers recommend that particular attention be paid to taking warm baths.

Corn silk, oat is considered a classic homeopathic remedy against pyelonephritis – they have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. There are recipes, according to which only brewed boiled water, but experts still recommend then to boil raw about 5 min. the Decoction infuse for half an hour, filtered, but drinking in a large number of such “medicine” is impossible. It is taken every 3 hours no more than 2 tablespoons.

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