Honey and traditional medicine

Honey. propolis, bee venom, pollen and bee bread are widely used folk med Irineu many Nations. Biologically active natural substances in the prevention and treatment of many diseases are quite effective, and most importantly — less toxic than a number of drugs, derived from the synthesis of chemical compounds.

Infusions, decoctions, juices of various plants and fruits effective in the treatment of various diseases: eczema, fungal skin lesions, boils, acne, seborrhea, hyperhidrosis, dandruff and alopecia, urticaria, acute infections, etc.

Although curative properties of honey known since ancient times, still to our days in its application, selection of doses and storage find new ways. Due to its complex composition, which includes most of the elements of the organic and inorganic world, are gradually exploring therapeutic action in mutual connection with certain branches of modern science — biology, chemistry, medicine, geography, botany, Geology, etc.

In resultatet studies recently raised the question of standardizing the quality of honey as a necessary condition the use of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Laboratory animal experiments and clinical practice have shown that different varieties of honey have different nutritional and medicinal qualities, and that all the more common varieties devoid of the latter. Continue reading

The Nobel prize in medicine was awarded for drugs against malaria

It is believed that worming suffers a third of the world population, mainly in Africa (South of Sahara), South Asia, and Central and South America. Widely distributed nematodes (roundworms) of the family Onchocercidae. One of the diseases that they cause – the so-called onchocerciasis. The causative agent, Onchocerca volvulus, settles in the lymph nodes of humans where females produce many larvae, called microfilariae. These larvae then migrate under the epidermis of the skin, where they can get to the insect vectors. The larvae enters the human eye, penetrating into all tissues of the visual organ. Inside the eye they cause inflammation, bleeding and other complications, leading eventually to loss of vision. Because midges are vectors live on the banks of the rivers, the disease is called river blindness. There are about 18 million patients with onchocerciasis, of whom about 600 thousand the disease has led to significant loss of vision or complete blindness.

Another famous disease, visivamente, Onchocercidae – the elephantiasis, or elephantiasis, when some part of the body, e.g., leg, enormously increases in size due to the stagnation of lymph, which leads to overgrowth of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Strictly speaking, elephantiasis is a symptom of Brugia caused by the nematode Brugia malayi, a parasite in the lymph and blood vessels. According to statistics, at present, “clanovima nematodes” infected approximately 100 million people. Continue reading

The use of herbs in pyelonephritis

Folk medicine for centuries provides treatment of various renal diseases with the use of nature resources. Herbs when medicine is able to relieve the inflammation and to cleanse the urinary tract from harmful microbes, they restore functioning of the kidneys and strengthen the immunity of the body.

Renal fees are a popular method of treatment. In our days they can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepare a mixture of herbs on their own. Before you begin the treatment of kidneys need to consult with experts and make sure that the herbs will not cause allergic reactions.


Ways of treatment of the disease

Beginning pyelonephritis, usually accompanied by General weakness in the body. The first alarm bells of acute and chronic forms of pyelonephritis is fatigue. Such kidney disease often occur due to hypothermia and weakening of the immune system. The first symptoms of pyelonephritis is quite easy to recognize: fever, nausea, vomiting, pain in the back, frequent and painful urination, changed urine color.

Acute pyelonephritis usually begins suddenly, and chronic years are not able to be felt and only occasionally to remind pulling pain in the kidneys. Pyelonephritis treatment can be conservative and surgical means, the second applies when the first does not bring tangible results. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs is combined with the use of medicinal plants. These methods are not mutually exclusive and are used in parallel, if there are no contraindications. Continue reading

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