Traditional Medicine Joints Osteoarthritis?

Than to treat a bad cold than rinsing and pinesol? And then the nose will soon swell? Retinol-With a spray emulsion for the care of mucous membranes of the nasal passages, nasopharynx, mouth and gums. Contains dill extract, natural essential oil of dill and sea salt. Retinol-With – effective means of preventing infections transmitted by airborne droplets. I buy at the pharmacy pulverizator – type nazol, or nazivin) helps me) Try drops “NOSE”,good luck and for a long time. Rinse :Conectar – dieticheskaya Supplement. The product is an extract of the leaves of the plant “stevia” extract and chrysanthemum flowers. This potent combination has made the product unique. In the production of these extracts firm does not use chemical reactions, so as not to disturb the natural patterns of plants. Juice stevia during production runs expensive and unique processes of purification and concentration, during which the natural structure of whole stevia. Saiia particular plant, it has unique properties.

The leaves of this plant is 10 times sweeter than sugar, and produced by Sunrider Sunectar (Sandu). already 60 times sweeter than sugar. So this is the perfect sugar substitute, and low calorie. In many countries of South America and South-East Asia, the consumption of this plant is already tens of thousands of tons per year, which greatly improved the health of the nation. Numerous studies have shown that this Supplement need to be applied in diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diseases of the digestive system, skin, teeth, gums.

The use of Sanctura diabetes prevents the development of Hypo – or hyperglycemic coma and decrease the daily insulin dose. With regular use decreases the level of glucose and cholesterol, improving the function of the pancreas and liver. Regular use effectively in diseases of hypertension and pathology of the joints (arthritis, osteoporosis). Regenerates the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Beneficial effects on the body proven and no doubt, years of experience have not identified any negative impact on the body. The Stevia plant is a storehouse of useful substances of natural origin, it is rich in vitamins and mikroelementami: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, iron. Most pronounced of them two. chromium and zinc, both are relevant to the processes of exchange and utilization of sugar.

Chromium is involved in the process of glucose transportation from the blood into the tissues of the body, and zinc is needed to produce the insulin, in addition able to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. In addition to the use of the drug as sugar, it can be used in healing a wide application, because it has protivovospalitel-tion and healing action. – promotes epithelialization tissue ( Zarubova ulcers). – eases coughing in bronchitis, asthma, is prepared by using an aqueous solution of sanctura (1:4 ) cure rhinitis and sinusitis, is effective for topical application (by sinziana) cervical erosion, the treatment of burn wounds, purulent wounds, postoperative seams, – stomatitis. The drug is also well established in cosmetics as masks to care for skin of any type.

This improves the elasticity of skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. To summarize. The drug is effective in Conectar. – endocrine diseases (obesity, diabetes ), – diseases of cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, hypertensive disease ), – diseases of the gastro-cichelero tract (chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis ), is an infectious respiratory disease (diseases of the ear, nose and throat ), – stagnation in liver, gall bladder, skin diseases (eczema, allergic diathesis). – periodontal disease and dental caries-the disease of joints (arthritis, osteoporosis). For patients suffering from diabetes drug Sunectar is the source of life, as absorbed by the body without insulin. Has a normalizing effect on carbohydrate metabolism. Excess sugar is very harmful for human health. From a biochemical point of view, it looks like this. After the meal (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) the amount of sugar in the blood increases, the excess sugar reacts to podielu-electric iron, SEL Cordyceps-boosts immunity!

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