Traditional recipes for beauty and health

Outside the snow fell, and we turned up the opportunity with loved ones together, last minute, to go to Egypt. In the summer we went out on vacation, so we decided to fly. The flight went well and we are happy the first thing after the hotel ran to the beach. We have dreamed about the sea that, completely forgot about the sun, a sharp temperature difference made itself felt immediately, not had time to heat up, as my faithful white got burned for a couple of hours, so that was like a scalded tomato, and the entire end of the holiday sat in the room, going outside only at night. The cream of burns was not for him, and I started to think. Sharing the trouble with countrywoman from the neighboring room is older than me by 10-15 years for sure, she suggested a simple recipe that I want to share with you so that your vacation was successful. Take a tablespoon of color and St. John’s wort pour a glass of boiled, cooled vegetable oil. Insist in a dark place for 14 days. Lubricates damaged skin 2-3 times a day. We have helped more at home, as in Egypt St. John’s wort I have found. Oil is stored in a cool place up to 3 months.

Every second person has come up with folk medicine. Here are a couple of tips and stories of our townsmen.

Oksana, 29 years, housewife:

Everyone knows that the neck gives the age of the woman, but nevertheless, we still often forget to take care of her.Meanwhile, in order to nourish the skin and help it to retain elasticity and firmness, only need 5 minutes a day. That’s how much time is required to prepare the mask. I use this recipe for over 5 years.

A little vegetable oil (2-3CT. tablespoons) pour into a bowl and heat in the microwave. Then with a cotton swab apply on clean neck, wrapping her folded four times with a cotton cloth and secure the area inside. After half an hour the bandage off. The oil is not washed off and carefully remove its remains with a towel.

Varvara Ivanovna, 64 years, pensioner:

Walnut dandruff

Somewhere half my life already, enjoy quality Council former employee in the fight against dandruff. This is the most common is walnut. He took his food regularly, in day of 5 PCs. With a time of unpleasant sickness gone, now I eat walnut constantly.

Vladimir, 40, a Builder:

Alcohol poisoning

In my life I often had to (treat) your friends and acquaintances from alcohol poisoning. Killed the voice of a friend on the telephone, meant only one thing – yesterday drunk, the first thing you should do is to wash out the stomach; several glasses of water with baking soda (a teaspoon per liter of water) and induce vomiting, then to get warm is to drink hot strong tea or coffee.

Ivanna, 21 years old, student:

I, like many girls my age there are skin problems. Oily, porous requiring considerable attention. Had to try all sorts of tricks associated with it; traditional medical I didn’t really helped, and if helped then not for long. Then (don’t remember who) advised the mask from the tomato. Blend diced tomatoes to the face, lie down for fifteen minutes and relax. Rinse with running warm water (without soap)

Now the skin is much cleaner, the pores become narrower, but the mask I periodically continue to do.

Irina Gennadievna, 47 years old, pharmacist:

Kidney stones and urinary tract

Myself work in medicine, but agrees with the adherents of folk medicine. In his personal life are often faced with the fact that the treatment (herbs) are sometimes much more effective medication. I’ll give one treatment, which was treated by the aunt, she from a young age kidney problems and urinary tract (stones) for many years was treated with antibiotics and eventually cured (herbs).

Taking bearberry leaves – 50 gr. sage – 40 gr. birch buds-30 gr. horsetail (herb) – 20 g. It’s all fray and 1st. spoon mixture pour 400 ml of boiling water, boil for half a minute, 20 min, let stand, drain, drink 50 ml 6 times a day.

Igor Alekseevich 52-year guard:

Knowing that I have ulcer of the stomach was very upset. To hospitals were treated for about 2 years, but a clear improvement was not. One day I was advised the treatment of a friend’s grandmother; a pint of honey, half a liter of sea buckthorn oil, a pound of honeycomb, a pint of scarlet leaves crushed, all mix and 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

After six months proveras, I was pleasantly surprised – ulcers.

Viola, 32 years, teacher:

In connection with the excess of my job I often had a headache, had to take pills regularly. Somehow in the conversation I shared my problem with my friend from our school, she told me a simple recipe for headaches and migraines: a pound of orange grind together with the crust, 100 gr. grated horseradish root, mixed with 1 kg of sugar and pour a liter of white wine. Keep in a boiling water bath for 1 hour strain and squeeze. To take a tincture 1/3 Cup an hour after eating.

Doing so still, and for a long time already any aspirin not carry in my purse.

Kate, 28, shop assistant:

Unwanted hair

On the human body, especially female, there are places where hair growth is not desirable. These troubles can get rid of as follows: pour into a jar (half-litre) 1st juice milled green walnuts, add 1 tbsp. spoonful of tar, close the nylon cover, to insist 3 weeks in a warm, dark place. RUB in places excessive hairiness on the night before until the completely stop hair growth.

Clara I., 43, housewife:

We all, regardless of age, want to be beautiful and young. Here’s the recipe: 2 tbsp flour dry green peas mix with 2 tbsp store-bought regular whey. Getting a smooth paste, apply to skin as a mask. Keep 20 min, thoroughly washed with warm water. It will cleanse the skin and smooth out wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.

Traditional recipes for beauty and health
Outside the snow fell, and we turned up the opportunity with loved ones together, last minute, to go to Egypt. In the summer we went out on vacation, so we…

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