Traditional recipes of beauty and health

The advantages of folk remedies

Whatever age was in the yard, no matter what the settings are in Vogue, a healthy skin will always be a sign of health and beauty. Our ancestors did not have cosmetic stores and pharmacies with a huge assortment of tools, but have been traditional recipes of beauty from diseases of the skin, which can be tested and on my skin.

Lotions, masks and mash from all sorts of skin ailments by our great-grandmothers invented many, many of them truly help and have a lot of advantages.

In their composition there are no dyes, fragrances or preservatives. Of course, all this makes the pharmacy and store-bought lotions and creams and fragrant for a long time prolongs their shelf life, but at the same time can provoke allergies;

You can be sure that the drug is entirely natural;

L of Directors for the recipes of folk medicine almost eliminates the side effects: the exception can be components that make you individual intolerance;

All this is inexpensive and often have at home on the windowsill or in the refrigerator, and thus, the problem of walking is not necessary.


Dermatitis are seborrheic, atopic and allergic. There are traditional medical recipes for treatment of this disease, designed not only for use external use, but internal. So, a very effective homemade ointment.

For prigotovleniya with tar will need:

Egg yolks (3 PCs);

Pure alcohol (150ml);

Camphor oil (75g);

Birch tar (150ml).

In a bowl RUB the yolks and mix with camphor oil. There also added the tar and alcohol. Soaked in ointment swab handle all the areas affected by dermatitis. Pinching will be hard, but you need to endure. To touch these places is also impossible. In a few days to wash off the ointment of economic or tar soap. Repeat this procedure 2 times a week.

There are also folk medicinal recipes of baths from dermatitis. Motherwort and celandine (50 g), pour cold water and infuse for just over an hour. Then boil in a water bath and pour into the tub. Take a bath every 3-5 days. You need to take a course of 12 treatments.

Traditional recipes of beauty for the face sometimes suggest internal use of: still, the skin necessary to treat the inside.

In order to cure the dermatitis, you can drink inside the hop with a string of a teaspoon. Gulf of boiling water, wrap and infuse for 20 minutes. Drink once, but the same tincture is rubbed all affected areas of the skin.


Acne is a skin trouble of which existed at all times, so the old methods of struggle with it also invented many.

Cleanser. For it will need:

pharmacy chamomile (box); Laundry soap (72%); soda (50 g); pharmacy alum (two bags).

Chamomile boil for 5 minutes in half a liter of water, opt for large flowers and leaves, drained, if desired, to again bring the volume of half a liter and tinder in a decoction of soap – whole bar entirely. Stirring, boil and poured the alum and soda. The mixture should become white and thick like sour cream. To wash the face instead of soap once in the morning and at night. Already through half of the week the results will be.

A great tool with white lilies. The petals of white garden lilies insist on vodka a week. After can be applied to problem skin areas and leave for about an hour. She draws out pimples and pimples and protect against inflammation and red spots.

Recipes of traditional medicine with honey from acne also exist. A teaspoon of Shilajit is mixed with a spoon of boiled water and a spoon of honey. Go with a mask for 20-25 minutes and wash off with warm boiled water. Universal honey with lemon will help: it would definitely reduce inflammation.

Help of acne and beer. But not inside, and not the drink itself externally, and foam. It can be used as a mask and wash off after 15 minutes. “Works” only on tap, live.


Folk remedies perfectly complement pharmaceutical ointments and creams for my eczema.

For quite effective ointments we will need:

Burdock leaves;


The roots of wild ginger;


A decoction of hay dust (strong);

Butter (25 g);

The glycerine.

Herbs are boiled in one liter of water, after add the oil and the decoction of hay (0.5 l). All cooked in a water bath. When will turn into a gooey mess, a mixture of strain, wring out and add the glycerin.

Eczema good help blueberries or strawberries. They pounded and used as poultices or lotions.

The herb Valerian is used against skin afflictions. It is necessary to brew one Cup of very hot water and wait until rises and cools. To scrub the problem areas on the skin. Cream then apply definitely, because skin flakes.

In allergic eczema, you can take the herbs inside. We will need sage, nettle and plantain, juniper berries and corn silk (10 g), 15 g of yarrow, horsetail and St. John’s wort, and 5 g of wormwood. 75 g of a mixture brew with boiling water (500 ml) and infused. Drink before meals sweetened.

Funds from other skin diseases.

With herpes, dry eczema and other exudative processes will be useful to apply a compress with cranberry juice; for wounds, various skin diseases and burns will save St. John’s wort oil. Tablespoon of flowers pour vegetable oil and insist 14 days. Sometimes you need to shake; Versatile tool can be called and burdock. He’s good and when rashes and eczema, and dermatitis. The root powdered, a tea spoon fill it with boiling water (250ml), pushing half a day and drink inside; For inflammation, burns, septic wounds and herpes can be applied to places of disaster pureed carrots; sea Buckthorn oil various skin diseases as they drink inside and used externally.

Some folk medicinal recipes from diseases of the skin not save, and only pharmacy will not do. Most often in the form of dermatological diseases out the skin all of our health problems: the intestines, women’s diseases, hormonal disorders. To stop it can cure the suffering body.

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